Tennessee Gaming officials have voiced some concerns about sportsbook providers and others. An advisory board works in concert with the Tennessee Lottery Commission to deal with all issues related to the sports betting program. The two groups held a meeting this week and went over issues that community members had about sports betting. Some of the issues the groups addressed this week, payout caps and parlay bet restrictions.

The chairperson of the Tennessee Lottery Commission, Susan Lanigan talked about the progress being made on Wednesday. Lanigan indicated that the issues are being addressed as fast as possible. The ability to solve these issues in a timely fashion is crucial so that we can get a launch in time for the NFL season..Voting on these issues has been delayed for a variety of reasons Lanigan said. Lanigan also indicated that the process has been very frustrating at times because sides are completely entranced in their positions.

The Final Rules Of Sports Betting Still Must Be Approved By The Lottery Commission

The process is not yet over for realigning the rules and regulations regarding sports betting. The final rules have to be approved by the Tennessee Lottery Commission before it can advance. The date of the meeting to vote on the altered rules and regulations has not yet been decided.

According to a source with the Lottery Commission, once the rules are approved, the commission would start accepting sports betting licenses. The sports betting bill in Tennessee passed into law last spring by a very narrow margin. Republican Governor Bill Lee, allowed the sports bill to become law, without his signature. He signed off on the bill before it officially passed.

Susan Lanigan said that she is concerned that the back and forth fighting, will delay the bill, and it may not launch in time for NFL the season, which was the original goal. Lanigan said they are fighting against the clock, college football starts at the end of August. The NFL season starts September 10th, 2020. There were public hearings scheduled in Tennessee. November 2019 until mid-January 2020. There were a lot of issues and concerns that were addressed during those sessions.

Tennessee Legislative Leaders Raised Concerns About Sports Betting Which Delayed Voting

Some members of the Tennessee legislature voiced their concerns right before a vote was scheduled to be taken. That caused a lot of delays, frustrations from prospective sports betting licensees and the community. The Tennessee House Republican speaker Cameron Sexton has an opposing sports bill that he is actively trying to push. The major component of Sexton’s bill would give the authority to the sports betting advisory board, in conjunction with the Lottery Commission.

Republican Senate Speaker Randy McNalley is meeting with sports betting officials this week, to address the process and what is next. A huge issue McNalley said, is the cap that has been imposed on the amount of money betters can win. He said several legislators are opposed to that because they fear Tennessee will lose players to other states.

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