Tennessee sports betting is gearing up for its offical launch in November as a specially formed panel has approved the first group of submitted applications. Two of the biggest fish in the sports betting sea are FanDuel and DraftKings, which were both among the approved applications as was BetMGM.

According to a gaming official, additional submitted applications will be reviewed in the next few weeks. After several delays caused by Covid-19, ‘The Volunteer State’ is looking forward to a November 1st launch date. Tennessee sports betting will allow players to place mobile bets as long as they are physically located in the state when the bet is placed.

According to a gaming source in the state, there will not be physical locations that have sportsbooks. All sports betting done in the state must be done through an app or online. Republican governor Bill Lee said earlier this year that sports betting could be legal without his signature and that’s what happened when the Tennessee legislature voted for approval in April of 2020.

Tennessee Sports Betting Launching a Year Late

For a variety of reasons, the previous proposed sports betting launch target of Fall 2019 came and went with little explanation for the delay from gaming officials. Tennessee has missed a great opportunity for revenue with the NFL and college football getting in full swing in September and October. States who will be launching sports betting in the future want to at least be set up prior to college basketball’s March Madness.

When sports betting does ultimately launch in Tennessee, it will be one of only three Southern states that will have it legalized. There is currently legal sports betting in Arkansas and Mississippi, however neither of those states has online wagering.

There have been several ‘course directions’ said a gaming official on Thursday.’ The official went on to explain that, ‘there have been some disagreements with the house Legislature of Tennessee, that caused delays of the launch date; But by and far, the most serious issue that that gaming commission in Tennessee had to deal with, was pandemic restrictions and the sports shut down. Everyone was affected by that, not just here but world-wide.’

Bettors Wonder Why No Physical Locations?

There has been some issues for bettors surrounding the fact that wagering on sports will only be available online. Randy Topple of Nashville, went out and collected signatures to get sports betting on the ballot. The ‘community organizer’ as he calls himself, said it’s’ a very interesting detail, that in Tennessee you will only be able to place sports bets online.

” ‘Believe it or not, Topple said, ‘some areas of Tennessee don’t have internet, and other people just don’t have access to the internet. Doesn’t seem quite fair to those people’ Topple also said, “Even with the glitches, I’m really glad that after all the delays we finally have a launch date and are only weeks away from being able to place sports bets here.’

Lawmakers that crafted the sports betting ordinances in Tennessee specifically designed the bill so there would only be online availability. Tennessee is the only state thus far that has online-only sports betting. Some states offer just physical location wagering while others provide online and onsite sports betting.

Other states may follow the model that Tennessee set forth for sports betting. One lawmaker who helped write the sports betting law, said, “it could be a lot less complicated for states to just try to get online sports betting, there are way less loop holes to consider, if you just have online sport betting’.

As with most other states that have sports betting, in order to open an account someone has to be physically located in the state. All of the sports betting apps will be fitted with geolocation software to make sure this rule is being followed at all times.