Sources Are Saying That Sports Betting Will Be Legalized Soon:  Current data suggest that the residents of Ohio spend a lot of money on gambling in the state. Whether it’s on a lottery ticket, slot machines, they spend an average of $2000 a year on gambling. That’s an impressive number and makes the argument for legalized sports betting stronger. That average figure doesn’t include illegal sports betting that is currently going on in Ohio and other states where sports betting isn’t legal.

Sports betting advocates have been lobbying legislators in Ohio for almost two years to get a sports bill passed. Republican Governor Mike DeWine is in favor of sports betting and has said recently ‘it will be in Ohio.’ There are public policy issues that must be addressed prior to the sports betting moving forward. One of them that concerns some state agencies is gambling addiction. It’s also not clear from the bill if online betting will be an option. Another issue is whether college sports matches will figure into the equation.

Governor DeWine Would Like Sports Betting Online Before The End Of 2020

DeWine addressed sports betting issues that have to be looked at more closely by a committee. The Governor recently said, “I have not weighed in on these. I will at some point, again these are public policy questions. They are something the public needs to look at. I would encourage anyone in the public who cares about this, to weigh in with their legislators and weigh in with us.”

There are two different bills that are winding their way through the Ohio Legislator. They are House Bill 194 and Senate Bill 111, both of which seek sports betting to be legal in Ohio. The two bills approach sports betting from two very different directions. House Bill 194 would allow the Ohio Lottery Commission to oversee sports betting. Senate Bill 111 would give the Casino Control Commission the power to oversee sports betting. Republican Senator John Eklund of Chardon, Ohio is the sponsor of the 111 bill.

Senator John Eklund Said People Are Already Betting On Sports In Ohio

Eklund said, “If there are billions of dollars being wagered on sports by basically law-abiding citizens, to have laws now to turn them into criminals is ridiculous.” Eklund said his bill would permit current casinos and racetracks the authority to offer sports betting in person.  The bill also allows for online betting on phones, tablets, computers and other mobile devices.

The bill Eklund sponsors would allow sports betting on college games, but not high school games. Private and public colleges and universities in Ohio have argued that they are opposed to sports betting on colleges for a variety of reasons. A letter that was sent to the DeWine, was signed by 14 public colleges and 30 private colleges and universities, explained the reasons for the opposition. The reasons given say ‘sports betting could threaten the integrity of the sports.. Another reason was the likelihood of addiction issues and undue pressure being placed on students.

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