As Sports Betting Continues To Flourish It Faces Some Testing In 2020. According to new reporting in ‘The New York Times’ sports betting is ripe for some change and more expansions in 2020. Very recently at a Rhode Island casino, the line for customers who were making legal sports wagers, circled around the building. Some players were in line to get their money from previous placed bets on the New England Patriots. There were others that were in line to place a new sports bet for that night.

According to the general manager of the Twin River Casino, Craig Sculos, ‘these lines are very normal for a Monday night,’ Sculos says cheerfully that it’s been the norm since Rhode Island offered it’s residents legalized sports betting earlier in the year. The casino has had to hire extra personnel to man the booths and cages on Monday nights. Rhode Island is the only state in the New England region that offers legalized sports betting. Therefore it’s the only state for the New England Patriots fans to  place their bets.

Scenes Like This Will Become The Norm As Some States Put A Line In The Sand

Experts in sports betting platforms and laws, have predicted that this type of scene like the one in Rhode Island will become the norm. Legalized sports betting has caught on like a raging wildfire, across the nations. These state expansions are the result of a 2018 Supreme Court ruling that said a ban on sports betting was unconstitutional. In 2020 legal experts say will be a litmus test to see if the expanding industry continues next year. As of December 2019, 13 states have adapted legalized sports betting. Another six states through state legislation, legalized sports betting, however it’s not live in those states yet. In the present year, Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana, Oregon and New York, were the first states that allowed legal betting in 2019. Those five states joined eight other states where legalized sports betting was already operating.

Looking Ahead To 2020 Some Arguments Are Already Scheduled For Sports Betting Measures

What fans and advocates of legalized sports betting can look forward to in 2020, is some debates in states where the measures thus far has failed. Some states that already have legalized sports betting measures on the schedule are, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio and Missouri. Sponsors of sports betting bills in those states have been crafting their bills so they have a better shot at passing in 2020. Senator Brandon Beach of Georgia has been lobbying hard for the sports betting to pass, and help bring prosperity to the state.

He has targeted on horse racing, his bill lists most sports to be included in the law. He and other advocates of legalized sports betting have been engrossed in meetings that they say will help introduce a new and improved bill. Georgia does not have any legalized sports betting, the only legal gambling they have is the lottery. The measure has strong opposition, including opposition by the ultra-conservative group, ‘Faith & Freedom Coalition based in Georgia.

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