The ‘Prairie State’ inches closer and closer to launch sports betting. In an interesting turn of events, the best performing and worst performing casinos turned in applications. These were the first three applications that are being reviewed now for sport betting licenses. State officials said as soon as these applications are approved and granted sports betting in Illinois will commence. The first casino that opened thirty years ago in Illinois was the first application submitted according to gaming officials.

Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) officials released an update on Friday regarding the sports betting license process thus far. The IGB said that the Argosy Casino Alton was the first to get their application into the board. The casino is the oldest in Illinois starting operations in 1991. According to the IGB the Argosy Casino submitted their license request on January 23. The IGB said two applications came in the day after the Argosy’s submission.

The Grand Victoria & The Rivers Casino Also Submitted Applications To The Gaming Board

The IBG said that the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois and Three Rivers in Des Plaines, Illinois were the second and third applications. The board announced in December of 2019 that applicants could start submitting applications. In addition to the first three the IGB said they expect a large number of other applications. There are currently ten casinos and three racing tracks in Illinois.

The Gaming Board said on Friday all of the casinos and the race tracks are eligible to apply for a sports betting license. Interestingly, they can’t automatically get a license, they all must go through the same vetting process according to the IGB. In the summer of 2019 the governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker signed a sports betting bill, giving it the green light to proceed. Large sporting venues in the state are also expected to apply for sports betting licenses. Seven large venues in the state will be permitted to apply for licenses like, United Center and Guaranteed Rate Field.

The Sports Betting Bill Was Signed Into Law Seven Months Ago In Illinois

Although Governor Pritzker signed the sports betting bill into law more than seven months ago, there still has been no launch. An applicant who submitted an application last month’ said ‘the entire process has been very frustrating. The applicant who wanted to remain anonymous said that the application wasn’t accepted for several months. You would think with waiting all those months to even except the applications, they would churn the licenses out quickly. Everyone has waited long enough and it’s very frustrating.’

Bulls and Blackhawks fans have not been given a specific date when they can bet on their favorite teams. According to the IGB, ‘this has been a complicated process, there were literally thousands of rules and regulations that had to be addressed. Anyone that thinks there is a remedy for this in five minutes is mistaken.’ The IGB said an official sports betting launch date is very close.’

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