Proposition DD narrowly was approved by voters in Colorado. The bill will allow mobile and other forms of legalized sports betting Colorado. The final numbers that were cast by voters has some advocates of the proposition worried. The final count according to state officials was 51.4% in favor of it, and 48.6% opposed to it. The months, weeks and days leading up to election day, were wrought with strong arguments from both sides. Although it was close, the measure has passed, bringing in new business opportunities. Competing sports betting providers are staking out their territories in preparation for the start of sports betting in ‘Colorful Colorado.’

Some People Were More Anxious Than Others As The Votes Were Being Counted

Election night brought in an extra amount of anxiety for Ron Shell. The newly transplanted Colorado resident is the Vice President of ‘PointsBet USA.’ Shell relocated to Denver earlier this year, when his company set up a hub location in the ‘Mile High City.’ Shell says if the measure would have been defeated, that would have been a huge setback. The company based in Australia has been making some remarkable moves setting up territories through the US in the last year and a half. Sports betting should be up and running in Colorado sometime in May 1,  2020 gaming officials said.

The Colorado Division Of Gaming Is Going To Be Implementing New Rules For Sports Betting

The close win of proposition DD has some gaming officials on edge. Colorado the first state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana, and has the first openly gay and Jewish Governor in office, had seen a lot of changes in the political landscape in the last decade or so. The Colorado Division of Gaming is in the process of setting up some emergency licensing regulations. The new outline of the licensing guidelines will be presented to the Limited Gaming Control Division.

These new emergency rules will allow sports betting providers to get a better handle on the licensing rules and be ready to go, as soon as the law allows. A spokesperson for the Department of Revenue said as soon as the Commission approves the emergency rules, new licenses can be granted starting in December of 2019. According to the gaming division, gaming operators and businesses and individuals who apply for licenses will be very carefully vetted. This will be the case in order to maintain the highest amount of integrity throughout the industry.

Colorado Will Be The First Western State To Have Legalized Sports Betting.

Gaming experts predict the sports betting industry will continue to explode throughout the country. The experts say add as new states come online, it will be a domino effect.’ When Colorado is up and running it will compare very favorably with successful sports betting industry in New Jersey.