There is a real fight about to go down in Washington state regarding tribal only sports betting bill. Groups and individuals that oppose the bill, because they say it’s extremely unfair and a violation of ‘free enterprise’ promise to use any means to get it blocked. On Friday there was a public hearing regarding the tribal only sports betting bill. Various people and groups were able to speak out about their concerns and voice their complaints.

The Native American tribal sports betting vote is scheduled for an emergency Senate vote in Washington. One of the speakers at the Senate Ways & Means Committee was Eric Persson, CEO of Maverick Gaming LLC based in Nevada. Persson said he was prepared to contribute millions of dollars in the fight to ‘block this unfair bill.’ Persson did not mince words, he seemed very angry at the hearing. He said that the current bill is just a legal way to grant a monopoly on sports betting to tribes, in ‘a kind of reversed discrimination.’ The bill known as ‘EHB 2638’ was called’ a power grab’ by Persson.

Groups Plan To Spend Between $20 & $30 Million This Election Cycle To Stop The Bill

Persson said, “We’re prepared to spend $20 to $30 million dollars, this election cycle to protect our 2.200 employees in the state and bring the matter to the attention of all Washingtonians to educate them about what’s going on. Nothing is off the table we’ll do everything we can. Litigation lobbying, TV ads, whatever it takes to get the message out there.” Maverick Gaming recently gave $1.5 million into an action committee that is looking into some corruption in the sports betting bill.

Persson’s company bought 15 of the states 19 parlor card rooms the state has. He wants to be able to put sports betting in those card parlors. He said “ I don’t know why anyone would throw any support into the bill the way it’s written now. He said the tribes and their revenue can’t support the entire state, so it’s only logical to allow sports betting at nontribal casinos too.’

A New Committee Formed To See If There Is Any Unethical Behavior Around The Bill

A new committee in Washington has formed and convened to investigate various Senate and House campaigns. The goal of the investigation is to determine if any unethical action has been used to get the sports betting bill moved into an emergency status and getting a vote on it now. A clause was inserted into the sports betting bill making it ‘an emergency matter’ that needed to be voted on right away.

Persson believes something untold is going on, and it all seems rather fishy to me.’ The bill with the clause in it can circumvent the normal channels and only require 60% of support to get it to pass through. Persson said other businesses are being deprived of also making money in the sports betting industry and ‘it’s not right.’

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