Some Were Stunned At The Arrest Of Brother Of Former Chicago Bears Player

On February 20, 2020, there was some shocking news, as the brother of former Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher was arrested. Casey Urlacher,40, was arrested with nine other people, including a police officer, and charged with operating an illegal gambling operation offshore. The operation according to law enforcement officials raked in millions of dollars a month, of untraceable cash. Urlacher is the mayor of the small town of Mettawa, Illinois. He was formerly a football player in the Arena Football League.

Prosecutors allege in the charging documents that Urlacher was the ringleader of the illegal operations. He was specifically in charge of recruiting people to place bets at the illegal operations. Urlacher received a percent of each betters wage when they eventually lost. Law enforcement officials made it clear that Brian Urlacher was not involved in the alleged criminal activity, and had no knowledge of it. According to the indictment, a company in Costa Rican known as ‘Company A’ was complicit in the criminal activity.

The Arrest Of Urlacher’s Brother Caught Legal Sportsbooks Off Guard And Left Them Angry

The Costa Rican company operated an illegal sports betting site called, Another defendant in the ring, Vincent Delgiudice, has the nickname Uncle Mick,  and the illegal sportsbook is named after him. The website allowed at least a thousand regular bettors in the U.S. to place the illegal sports bets. Delgidice and Urlacher were based out of the Chicago area, in concert with the Costa Rican company.

The actions according to the charging documents state that the alleged crimes are in accordance with the ‘Illegal Gambling Business Act.’ The illegal sportsbook took bets on college games, the NFL, the NBA, and several other professionals and amateur sports matches. According to the charges, Delgidice and Urlacher paid the Costa Rican company $10,000 a month to be able to use the illegal sportsbook. The bettors were set up with usernames and account numbers that they used to place their bets.

In Spite Of The Fact That The Betting Was Done Online The Defendants Exclusively Used Cash

According to state prosecutors, the defendants tried everything to hide their illegal activity. Although the sports betting was done online, the defendants operated completely in cash. How this was done exactly, the state says will be revealed during legal proceedings. Urlacher and eight other defendants operated as agents, and their profits were determined by the losses of the betters they recruited. A source said the reason the Costa Rican company is not publicly named, is due to there being an ongoing investigation.

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There are also a number of other people that have been arrested connected to this case that have not been named in order to protect the investigation. Legal sports betting operators said on Friday, that this is a clear message to state authorities, that illegal sports betting is going on all over the place. There are no regulations with these operations, and other crimes are committed as ‘a residual outcome.’ Legal sports betting proponents argue this is  more evidence of the need for legal sports betting in all states.’

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