Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder was discussing sports betting with Maryland lawmakers last month. Word has come down this week that the team has applied for a sports betting license in Virginia.  The NFL team is trying to secure sports betting venues in at least three states according to a source with knowledge of the developments. Synder clearly sees and understands the money potential of sports betting.

States that have it up and running are making serious money. People that have been involved with the Snyder meetings say he’s ready to be a competitive source in sports betting. He feels that after he procures one license, it will be easier to get licenses in other states. Synder has been seen with very influential people in about four states. He understands the revenue possibilities are now endless. One sports betting bill will be reviewed in Richard, Virginia on Monday. They will be voted on if it passes the team would be granted a sports betting license.

Delegate Mark D. Sickles Of Virginia Is a Sponsor & Proponent Of the Sports Betting Bill

Virginia Delegate Mark D. Sickles, a close friend of the Redskins owner Snyder, worked closely on the bill with him. According to Sickles, “He told me what he needed, and I thought it was a good idea. Both Sickels and Snyder worked together and pitched their ideas to Virginia lawmakers. Sickels said in the pitch to lawmakers in Virginia, Snyder talked about his future projects for a new home stadium for the Redskins.

He indicated that if ‘all goes well, Virginia would be in the running for the future stadium. Sickels when pressed, would not elaborate further. He said ‘in time all of the details will become public knowledge.’ Maryland and Virginia both have sports betting bills working their way through the legislative process. However currently neither state has sports betting up and running. Snyder’s active participation in talks about sports betting with lawmakers makes him the only NFL team owner that is openly letting their position be known.

In The Past Daniel Snyder Argued Against Sports Betting, His Tune Has Now Changed

Daniel Synder was one team owner that publicly argued that legalized sports betting would be an ‘integrity issue.’ That argument was being made by several team owners, prior to the Supreme Court decision of 2018 that lifted a nationwide ban on sports betting. Snyder and others are now singing a different tune, and it didn’t take long for their position to change. As more states came online with sports betting, the ‘proof was in the pudding.’

The ‘numbers don’t lie says a source, the money being made by sports betting providers is insane, and everyone has taken notice.’ Virginia Senator Jeremy McPike sponsored a second sports betting bill in the state. He said supporting sports betting is a way to roll out the welcome mat or professional teams. McPike offered, “if that were to happen in Virginia no one would complain.’

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