Sources Say Washington Could Sign Off On Sports Betting In 2020: Some good news for sports betting advocates and fans in Washington State. It was revealed on Tuesday that the Washington State Legislature has introduced a sports betting bill. This comes after sources said last year that it could be a few years before sports betting was even looked at in the state. The sports betting bill that was introduced would include betting on major events like the Super Bowl and the World Series.

The encompasses the 29 Indian owned casinos in the state. The bills says that when sports betting passes, it would allow tribal and commercial casinos to open ‘Vegas-style sports books.’ This news is creating some dissension among the ranks. Card parlor owners in the state are crying foul. There are currently 19 private card rooms in the state of Washington. One such room is ‘Maverick Gaming owned by Eric Persson.  Maverick Gaming is located in Kennewick, WA. Persson says this new bill, does not allow card rooms to have sports betting.

Card Room Owners In Washington Say They Should Also Be Included In Sports Betting

According to Persson the bill would not allow the card rooms to have sports betting. He feels slighted, he says they should be able to have sports betting online and on devices and on the property. Persson was one of the invited speakers at the ‘House Commerce and Gaming Committee’ on Monday. Presson was clearly not a happy camper during his testimony on Monday. He said ‘according to his customers that visit his card room, they want sports betting, in a place they are very familiar with.’

Presson said ‘not including card rooms in sports betting is going against what the consumer demands currently are. There were a few others speakers at the committee giving valuable testimony. However, the committee did not take a vote on further actions on Monday. Another hearing is scheduled by the committee for them to appear before the state senate. The sponsor of the bill said on Monday, ‘they are pleased with the speed this latest bill is moving through various legal committees in the state.

The New Bill In Washington Is Going To Move Quickly But Steadily To Allow Careful Planning

According to Washington lawmakers, the goal of the bill is that they are able to enter this new type of gambling carefully. They want to make sure all issues are worked out before the bill is approved. The sponsor of this latest bill is Democrat Chairman of the committee Strom Peterson, who is the official sponsor of the bill. On Monday Peterson alluded to the fact that the state has illegal sports betting going on. He said it’s time for the state to start making money from it, and get much-needed services in place. Neighboring state Oregon ushered in sports betting last year, and it’s proven to be extremely successful. The bill in its current format would not allow sports betting on any college sports games. The bill said in order to avoid any hint of corruption on the college front.

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