The calendar will turn to March this weekend, which means the beginning of one of the best sporting months of the year. William Hill is set to release their March Madness contests and promotions once the brackets are released, but there are still plenty of great promotions between now and then to help you win some big money. Take a look at some of the weekly promotions available at William Hill.

XFL Conversion Cashin’:

Basketball gets most of the attention in the sports betting industry at this time, but there is still some football to be played. William Hill is giving you a chance to win some extra money when teams convert for a post-touchdown score. Place a pregame point spread bet of at least $25 on the game between New York and Tampa Bay, and you will earn money for each conversion!

Thursday Night Teaser:

If you are someone that is looking to bet on basketball and understand how teaser bets work then William Hill Sportsbook is the place for you. If you place a 2+ game teaser bet on basketball at William Hill then you could win a bonus up to 20 percent. There are some certain terms and conditions that apply to this promotion, with Thursday being the only day of the week this promotion is applicable.

3 on 1 Break:

Now that football is over, for the most part, basketball has now taken center stage. Both college and professional basketball will be featured in primetime, and William Hill has created a promotion around primetime basketball games. If you win all three primetime Saturday night basketball games at William Hill, then the sportsbook will credit you with an extra win for free!

Hardwood Live Club:

The Hardwood Live Club runs WednesdayTuesday every week, giving customers a chance to rack up points throughout the week. Points can be earned by placing NBA and College Basketball InPlay bets throughout the week, and there is a chance to earn up to $100. With both pro and college basketball entering their stretch run at the end of the regular season, there are plenty of great betting opportunities each week.

Hometown Hoops:

The Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, and Philadelphia 76ers are the three “local” teams at William Hill Sportsbook, and you can win some extra money by betting on games that they play in. If you bet either on or against any of these three teams on Wednesday or Thursday night then you could receive an added bonus. William Hill is offering a chance at a 25% win boost on any bet in games featuring these three teams.

20 Points For 2020:

If you want to combine some player stats into your basketball bets then this is the promotion for you. Make a point spread bet of $100 or more, and you can get entered into this promotion that focuses on individual player points. Earn $1 for every point a selected player scores of 20 if you are able to correctly pick a winner.