We have reached the point of the year where basketball has taken center stage in the sports world. The second half of the NBA season is underway, and conference races are heating up around college basketball. William Hill Sportsbook will have their March Madness promos available in a few weeks, but there are still some great opportunities available today. Let’s take a look at some of the best New Jersey William Hill Sportsbook promos that have to do with basketball available this week.

Hardwood Live Promotion:

If you are someone that enjoys live betting, and bets on basketball then this is a promotion that you need to take advantage of. William Hill is offering up to $100 every week just for making some InPlay Basketball bets. The promotion resets every Wednesday and runs through every Tuesday. If you make at least $2500 in InPlay bets during that time then you could be credited an extra $100. If you make at least $200 in InPlay bets during that time frame then you are eligible for a credit of $10.

March to March:

Even though this promotion has been running the entire month of February, there is still some time to get involved and earn some extra money. There are three games on the schedule this week that are a part of this promotion that pays you extra money for racking up wins. If you win at least six of the 10 featured games this month then you are eligible for a credit of $25.

Hometown Hoops:

College basketball might be gearing up for their stretch run, but there is still plenty of reasons to bet on the NBA as well. If you place a bet on either side of a game featuring the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, or New York Knicks then you can participate in the Hometown Hoops promotion. Make a bet of at least $25, and you could receive a 25% credit if your side hits. Be sure to check out the NBA schedule and head to William Hill to bet on some local hoops action.

Thursday Night Teaser:

If you are someone that loves to make teaser bets then this is a promotion that you must check out. Thursday nights, William Hill Sportsbook is offering a 20% bonus on all teaser bets placed on basketball games. There are some other rules and restrictions that apply to this promotion, but it’s as simple as picking some games and putting together a teaser.

20 Points for 2020, Free Throw Dough:

William Hill Sportsbook is also offering some terrific promotions for individual performances on basketball games. You could win some extra money for players scoring over 20 points in a game, or for the number of free throws made by a certain team. These promotions are great for someone who enjoys prop type of bets, and someone that has trouble picking the winner of a basketball game. Check out William Hill Sportsbook for a complete list of rules and regulations before taking advantage of these great promotions today.