State after state is allowing legalized sports betting, due to a Supreme Court decision that overturned bans on sports betting. Wyoming is the second state with the least amount of people, at under 600,000. At this juncture, ‘the Cowboy State’ is not convinced that they need sports betting there. Colorado narrowly pass the sports betting some allege because the wording of the bill was very confusing. The former Governor of  New Jersey Chris Christie was instrumental in the Supreme Court ruling. Christie, a former attorney general of New Jersey, argued that the underbelly of illegal gambling was thriving. He said back in May of 2018 when the lawsuit was being argued, that bringing it out into the light would keep things safe and bring in much-needed funds for state programs.

Wyoming Is One Of Seven States With No Bills Pending To Legalize Sports Betting

Cheyenne, the most populated city in the state, with just under 70,000,  is also the state capital. The state economy is driven by minerals like coal and oil, and cattle and tourism. Wyoming is a very conservative state and has been since records were taken. The Republican presidential candidate has won every election in Wyoming since the 1950s. Former Vice President Dick Cheney grew up and continues to live in Casper, Wyoming. Being an extremely conservative state contributes to the lack of interest in sports betting and other gaming. Some people in the state that have advocated for gambling, say there is plenty of illegal sports betting going on and will continue to go on. There is some legal gambling in the state, like dog and horse racing. There are also bingo and other charitable gambling events that are allowed. There are a few casinos in the state that are only on Indian owned land.

Wyoming Lawmakers Say ‘Skill Games’ Are Currently Illegal In ‘The Equality State’

A few years back a lawsuit was brought to the Wyoming Supreme Court, to visit the issue of legalized sports betting. However lawmakers ‘say the lawsuit went nowhere, because those that brought it on, lost interest in pursuing it’. There is a slim amount of hope for the future, the Legislator is prepared to introduce a bill to form a state gaming commission. will be addressed in 2020 when the legislator resumes their session. If the bill passes and a ‘gaming commission’ is established, that is a great first step say sponsors of the bill.

The gaming commission bill has been put before the Wyoming Legislature for several years, with no success. The newly revised bill that will be introduced in 2020 has no regulation of ‘bingo or pull tabs’ and due to this sponsors are hopeful that it may be easier to pass it that way. Interestingly, the state has no bans on betting done offshore. That way people who want to bet, don’t have travel to another state. Another issue some say is the state is very small, with no professional sports teams. The future for sports betting in Wyoming remains to be seen, sponsors say, the picture will be made more clear in 2020.


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