Brendan Nichtern has been the most dominant rookie in the PLL this year. Tommy Burch gives Nichtern’s MVP case, and maps out how he can get there.

The MVP Case for Brendan Nichtern – Rookie Sensation

The first player picked in the 2022 PLL draft… Logan Wisnauskas. In shock, I stare blankly at the television, wondering what I had just heard. Wisnauskas? With Chris Gray on the board? Absolutely unbelievable.

Turns out, I was wrong to doubt the Wiz. He has had an extraordinary season, outplaying the second overall pick in Gray. However, although the No. 1 and No. 2 picks are the cream of the crop, one player stepped above them and proved themselves.

This player was not only a second-round pick but was drafted to the same team at the same position as the Wiz. However, despite the confidence they had in Wisnauskas, this player came in and is second in the league in points scored.

Brendan Nichtern of the Chrome Lacrosse Club has proven to be the best rookie of the class without a doubt, beating out legitimate MVP candidates in statistics. He deserves more respect, regardless of his age and lack of experience.

The Numbers

It’s very easy to go on and on about Brendan Nichtern’s numbers. He has 35 points on the season, which puts him tied at 2nd for the most points scored. The only player above him in points is Lyle Thomspon, and Nichtern has shared the ball significantly more.

Although he is ranked 12th in 1-pt goals scored, he ranks second in assists with 20. He has been the quarterback of the Chrome offense, contributing to No. 1 pick Wisnauskas’ shooting stats who is second in the league in 1-pt goals.

Although his shooting splits haven’t been electric, he gets the ball in the net. Most importantly, he’s unselfish. His passes are for the better of the team and open up holes for the offense to strive. Without him, Wisnauskas wouldn’t have had as incredible of a year, and the Chrome wouldn’t be in such a strong playoff position.

The Case

According to DraftKings, there are 5 players above Bendan Nichtern in MVP betting odds. These players are:

1. Trevor Baptiste (-140)
2. Lyle Thompson (+250)
3. Kyle Bernlohr (+750)
4. Jeff Teat (+900)
5. Kieran McArdle (+1000)

In order for him to sneak into the top 5, he needs to bet on McArdle having a poor game against the Archers. McArdle has been on a tear, but one bad game and a good game from Brendan Nichtern would put him well over McArdle in points and maybe sneak past Jeff Teat.

Bernlohr is playing against the Cannons, so it’s a bit difficult to bet against him. However, Lyle Thompson is shooting against Bernlohr, so only one of them can really perform at that high of a level throughout the game.

Trevor Baptist is the most set-in-stone player in the MVP race right now. However, it is a very real possibility that an extraordinary game from Brendan Nichtern could put him top three, but the Redwoods won’t allow that without a fight.