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Championship Series 2023 Results – Chrome On Top

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The 2023 Championship Series came to an end, but the Chrome come out on top. Tommy Burch takes a look at the tournament, and how they ended up hoisting the trophy.

The Championship Series ended, and it was an incredible watch. With just as much, if not more exciting than the regular season, the format was worth a watch. The Chrome came back from extreme odds to win it all, and the story is incredible.

What Is the Championship Series?

The Championship Series is the league’s postseason tournament, where the top four teams from the regular season compete in a single-elimination bracket to determine the league champion. The Championship Series takes place over two weekends, with the semifinals and championship games played on the second weekend.

In the Championship Series, the top two teams from the regular season receive a first-round bye and advance directly to the semifinals. The remaining two teams play a quarterfinal game to determine the other two semifinalists. The winners of the semifinals then face off in the championship game to determine the league champion.

The PLL Championship Series also features a variety of off-field events and experiences, including fan festivals, concerts, and other activities. The league aims to create a dynamic and immersive experience for fans, combining the on-field action with a festival-like atmosphere.

Overall, the PLL Championship Series represents the world’s highest level of professional lacrosse, featuring the top players and teams competing for the league championship in a thrilling postseason tournament.

The Chrome’s Journey to Success

The Chrome was at the bottom of the rankings heading into the beginning of the competition, with the worst odds to win it all at +350. The Archers and Atlas were tied at +225, while the Whipsnakes were sitting in third at +300.

As time passed and games were played, we closed in on our final game. The Atlas ranked No. 1 in odds, was slated to face off against the Chrome, and ranked last. The odds were not in Chrome’s favor, with the Atlas favored at -250 on the moneyline while Chrome was +205.

Going into the semifinals, the Atlas was considered the dominant favorites as an undefeated team. The Chrome started 0-2, climbing back to win three straight. They found each other in the finals, with the odds stacked against the Chrome.

The game was incredibly close. The Atlas was strong, up 13-8 in the second quarter. However, as the game passed by, the score became closer. By midway through the fourth quarter, the game was tied at 20 a piece.

The Chrome went up by 2 with 3:42 left on the clock, and there was a real chance they would win. The Atlas had a wide-open shot from 2, saved by Sean Sconone, and turned into a transition goal. 23-20, Chrome up by 3, 3:30, left on the clock.

However, the Atlas rallied back. A one-point goal and a two-pointer tied the game with less than 2 minutes left, and the game could go either way. But with 1:32 left, Justin Anderson spun around a defender and scored. With little time left, the Atlas went down, and Chrome won it all.

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