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A Saturday in Foxborough: PLL All-Star Game Preview

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With the PLL All-Star game airing this Saturday, there’s a lot you need to know. Tommy Burch is here to fill you in on everything happening this weekend in Foxborough.

Officially halfway through the 2022 PLL season, and the All-Star break is at hand. With the best players in the world competing in the PLL, only a handful of those superstars can play at Gillette during All-Star weekend.

With two talented rosters, new in-game rule changes, and a jam-packed day of lacrosse ahead of us, it may be a bit overwhelming. I’m here to explain it all and give the world a preview of the events on Saturday.

Team Baptiste and Team Farrell face off at 3:30 pm, and many goals will be scored. With some of the best young and experienced talent in the league, there’s a lot to look forward to, so let’s dive right in.

Team Baptise

Team Baptiste is up first, led by FOGO Trevor Baptiste and coached by Whipsnakes’ very own Jim Stagnitta.

The starters are:

Jeff Teat, ATL (A)
Matt Rambo, WHP (A)
Chris Gray, ATL (A)
Bryan Costabile, ATL (M)
Jules Heningburg, RED (M)
Myles Jones, RED (M)
Graeme Hossack, ARC (D)
Garrett Epple, RED (D)
Matt Dunn, WHP (D)
Blaze Riorden, CHA (G)

Following up in the reserves is:
Marcus Holman, ARC (A)
Brad Smith, WHP (M)
Matt Moore, ARC (M)
Cade Van Raaphorst, ATL (D)
Tucker Durkin, ATL (D)
Danny Logan, ATL (SSDM)
Michael Ehrhardt, WHP (LSM)
Jack Concannon, ATL (G)

Team Farrell

Team Farrell is captained by opposing FOGO Connor Farrell and is manned from the sidelines by head coach Andy Towers.

The starters are:
Lyle Thompson, CAN (A)
Logan Wisnauskas, CHR (A)
Will Manny, ARC (A)
Justin Anderson, CHR (M)
Tom Schreiber, ARC (M)
Mike Chanenchuk, WHP (M)
Michael Manley, CHR (D)
Jarrod Neumann, CHA (D)
JT Giles-Harris, CHR (D)
Kyler Bernlohr, WHP (G)

Following them in reserves is:

Rob Pannell, RED (A)
Brendan Nichtern, CHR (A)
Zach Currier, WAT (M)
Connor Kelly, WAT (M)
Jack Rowlett, CHA (D)
Jacob Pulver, CAN (D)
CJ Costabile, CHA (LSM)
Ryan Terefenko, CHR (SSDM)
Sean Sconone, CHR (G)

Rule Changes

With the experience brought to you by the PLL Premier Pass, the fans were able to pick two rules to be added to the game. They had multiple options, which can be read about in my Premier Pass article.

The two rule changes selected were:

1. In the last 2 minutes of each quarter, goals count for 2x points. 53.5% of voters chose this.

2. The 2pt line is being moved in 2 yards. 21.0% of voters chose this.

These were the top two selected options being implemented on Saturday. These will both be in effect for the entire all-star game.

Skills Competition

After the all-star game is complete, the skills challenges will go live. There will be 5 different events, with the competitors of the events not being publicized yet. The five competitions are:

1. (During halftime) Fastest Shot
2. Fastest Player
3. Goalie Competition
4. Freestyle Challenge
5. Accuracy Contest

All of these except for the Fastest Shot will be played after the all-star game is complete.

The 2022 All-Star game in Gillette Stadium will be one to watch, starting at 3:30 on ESPN. If you want to see the best players in the game compete at the highest level, this is where to see it. Tune in as Team Baptise and Team Farrell face off (literally and figuratively) on Saturday for some of the most fun lacrosse of your life.

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