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PLL Championship Series Schedule Announced – Teams & Format

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The PLL Championship Series announced its schedule, and the games are set. Tommy Burch breaks down the games and the best matchups.

The PLL has finally announced its schedule for the Championship Series, and rosters have been released. There will be a total of 9 games played, with 3 games to decide seeding and three playoff games.

The Wednesday Schedule (2/22)

On Wednesday, the first games will be played. The schedule goes as follows:

  • Whipsnakes vs Atlas (5:30 pm ET)
  • Chrome vs Archers (7:30 pm ET)

The Whipsnakes were the best team throughout the 2022 season, but the advantage of Joe Nardella disappears with the new faceoff rules. Having a player winning over 60% of faceoffs is a major benefit, and their offense may not find as many opportunities. However, they are very well-rounded and experienced, so they should play well in this championship series. If the Atlas can perform as well as anticipated at the beginning of last season, they should put up a good fight. Chris Gray should help spark the Atlas offense, and they are good in limited space.

The Chrome and Archers is also an incredible matchup, being the 2nd and 3rd teams in the standings, respectively. The Chrome were incredible on both sides of the ball, ranking 2nd in total defense. However, the Archers led in almost every offensive category, with Marcus Holman and Will Manny controlling the ball. However, Tom Schreiber will not be there, which may not bode well.

Who Plays Thursday? (2/23)

The games on Thursday are just as exciting:

  • Whipsnakes vs Archers (6:30pm ET)
  • Chrome vs Atlas (8:30pm ET)

The Snakes and Archers game is very fun, with arguably the best offense playing against the best defense. The Archers are incredible at scoring the ball, but the Snakes’ defense will hold it down. However, in the six’s format, it is a bit more difficult to transition on defense than on offense. It will be an even match and should be a fun championship to watch.

The Chrome and Atlas match will also be great, with two of the younger and more physical teams taking a stand. Chris Gray and Logan Wisnauskas matchup is always fun, with the No. 1 and No. 2 picks taking the stage. We should expect a shootout, and a scoring show.

The Friday Games (2/24)

The last day of games may be the best:

  • Atlas vs Archers (5:30pm ET)
  • Chrome vs Whipsnakes (7:30pm ET)

The Atlas team playing against the Archers should be unbelievable. Hopefully, both teams sit at similar records coming into this game, so the stakes are heightened. These two teams play their best when they are backed against a wall. This should be one of the best games of the championship series.

Lastly, the Chrome takes on the Whipsnakes. Quite possibly, the two most experienced teams with some of the best goalie play, we should see a close defensive matchup. The Chrome are ranked 2nd in total defense while the Snakes sit at 1st. It may not be the most exciting game on offense, but this part of the championship series will be a nailbiter regardless.


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