The PLL Championship Series is coming up in February, and information has been released. Tommy Burch breaks down the important information and explains what is going to happen.

The PLL Championship Series – Important Information

Where and When?

The St. James facility in Springfield, Virginia will be hosting the Championship series this February, lasting a week from the 22nd to the 26th.

What Are the Rules?

The format of the Championship Series is that of an indoor league, running a 6×6 series on a 70x36m field with 13-yard two-point lines. The rosters are limited to 12 men each, meaning we will see a lot of high-level talent on the field getting boosted touches with less ground to gain.

Not only this, but instead of a faceoff being required for every goal, the goalie who was scored on can just take the ball and clear it upfield.

The games are going to be very fast-paced and high-scoring, with high school level sixes games regularly combining for 40 points or more. The reason for this is the 0:30 second shot clock and the limited field of play. That, paired with a two-point line and the best players in the world, is a recipe for some very good Lacrosse.

Who Is Playing?

Although the two teams in the PLL Championship last season may have had incredible playoff runs, only the top 4 seeds heading into the 2022 PLL Playoffs were invited to the event. This means that the No. 1 Whipsnakes will lead the charge, followed by the No. 2 Chrome, No. 3 Archers, and No. 4 Atlas.

What Is the Prize?

There are not many details released about the prizes, however, there is a benefit to playing well in the tournament. According to the official release. Not only will the players be given a bonus just for competing in the tournament, but they will receive financial bonuses and other prizes based on how well their team performs.

Why the Sixes Format?

Some fans have been wondering why the PLL Championship is making the tournament in a 6×6 format rather than the usual 10×10. Although yes, it is quite disappointing that your favorite players may not find the field, the format is beneficial in multiple different regards.

The slogan of the series is “The Fastest Sport on Two Feet Just Got Faster”, and that is exactly what they did. A sixes format is perfect for a high-powered, non-stop game that will keep you constantly entertained throughout its entirety. However, the most important reason why this format is being used is Lacrosse’s deep desire to be an Olympic sport.

Lacrosse is already the national summer sport in Canada, so making it an Olympic sport for the summer is already fitting. However, it seems as though the sixes format is what we are likely to see should Lacrosse find its way to the 2028 Olympic games in LA. It requires less of a roster, it is higher scoring, high impact, and easy for players worldwide to get involved.


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