The PLL found a new group of funders with WWE and Kevin Durant’s Thirty-Five Ventures. Tommy Burch analyzes what this means and how it affects the league’s future.

PLL Funded By Kevin Durant, WWE – What Does It Mean?

Just a couple of days ago, the PLL announced a new batch of investors in their upstart league, with WWE and Thirty-Five Ventures leading the charge. These investments are a testament to what the league has done in only 4 years, being one of the most successful early-stage sports leagues of all time.

As Lacrosse rises in popularity and the PLL takes full advantage, we see legitimately millions of fans attracting to the Lax family like moths to a flame. With the new ESPN deal, the influx of investment, and the new direction the league is beginning to go, we all wonder; What’s next?



As stated before, WWE and Kevin Durant’s Thirty-Five Ventures have invested in the PLL. How will their funding and activity in the league benefit the expansion they desire?

As the PLL signed a broadcasting deal with ESPN, their viewership has already skyrocketed. With around 5 million more lacrosse fans worldwide since when the PLL began, they’ve propelled their league to respectable status.

This broadcast deal allows for a higher quantity and quality of advertisements, leading to incredible enterprise opportunities. Now backed by one of the biggest entertainment businesses in the world and a powerhouse in management with athletics, things are looking up for the PLL.

The WWE is the biggest touring sports league in the world, and the PLL follows a similar format. This may be the most exciting addition to me, as they have experience in that specific and unique format of marketing and competing, and no other company would be a better fit to help manage the PLL circus.

Thirty-Five Ventures, on the other hand, is more in touch with the business of athletes and sports. Having such high-profile athletes and management to coincide with the uprise in league popularity is a perfect pairing.

Future of the PLL

Clearly, the PLL is in good hands. They have increased viewership at all levels, and fan-favorite players are joining the journey. The potential is there, and the league’s ceiling grows higher and higher.

The league is incredibly ambitious. Lacrosse mogul Paul Rabil has retired and taken over as President of the company, and they produced “Fate of the Sport”, a documentary executively produced by LeBron James.

Paul also has the vision to expand the league past its regular season setup, with an off-season tournament in Olympic format immediately before the NCAA lacrosse season.

Not only this, but the Rabils are pushing for Lacrosse to become an Olympic sport. World lacrosse is mostly represented in the World Lacrosse Championship, playing in The World Games every 4 years. With incredible PLL representation, getting Lacrosse in the 2028 Summer Olympics is not a stretch.

Clearly, the future of the PLL is on an upward trend. With the new funding, the mountainous climb of interactivity, and the potential the league has to shine, the PLL and Lacrosse have a bright future ahead of them.


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