The NFT world once again collides with sports, with the Premier Lacrosse League debuting a new series of Non-Refungable Tokens labeled as the “Premier Pass”. Although this may seem like another unworthy investment, they have a different mindset on the matter.

The Premier Pass is a limited pass for fans across the world, that lets the fans interact with the league and it’s rules. It’s first implementation of rule changes was for the all-star game, and the Premier Pass holders are able to vote on different rules during the game.

One might think the investment isn’t worth it. Some rule changes and benefits for a price tag like that of an average NFT? It’s almost like a pricey prescription to have your name in a ballot. However, the Premier Pass is absolutely free.

A free NFT that gives the fans a chance to impact the league? It sounds too good to be true. So as a diehard Lacrosse and PLL fan/writer, I dipped my foot in the water. Upon release, I immediately opened my browser and earned one of the NFTs, and let me tell you, it’s exactly as advertised.

This new system may change the landscape of the league forever, or it may fizzle out quickly. Regardless of the format, as an NFT or other, the PLL Premier Pass is going to change the league for the better.

Immediate impact

As stated before, token holders are able to vote on new rules for the all-star game. There are 5 given options, and the top 2 voted will be implemented into the match. The options are:

– Double points for the last two minutes of each quarter
– Shorten field dimensions by 5 yards
– No faceoffs in the 3rd quarter
– The first team to meet a target score in the 4th quarter wins
– the 2 point line moves in 2 yards

Some fans may be wondering how important the votes are in deciding the rule changes. In reality, the votes are the sole deciding factor. On the PLL website, they state, “This isn’t something you’ll vote on and the PLL takes that as a suggestion. No. What the Premier Pass holders vote on is what we implement. No questions asked.”

What the Future Holds

The PLL tells us that the following benefits given after the all-star game will be announced as the season progresses. However, what we know already is valuable.

The Premier Lacrosse League is willing to become fan-interactive. Regardless of the NFT, having a community where the fans feel welcomed and heard is already a step up from some major competition.

If this voting succeeds and we see a positive fan reaction, this may become a trend. I predict that with success, this will exceed the all-star game and spread into the regular season. With traction, this may have the potential to stamp the PLL on the map.

Although this may be speculative, I must add something of my own. As I went back to check on my personal NFT throughout the writing process of this article, I realized that the website had crashed. I checked PLL Instagram, Twitter, even Mike Rabil’s as well. I ended up on the PLL discord server, where my notions were correct. The claims had stopped working and they had to increase rate limits to get the site up and running.

If I am correct, this sounds like the Premier Pass was a smash hit, finding it’s way into the wallets of fans worldwide. People want the Premier Pass, and the League does too. Being able to interact with the fans and offer even more benefits with the NFT may cause an upward trend in PLL interactiveness, and bring the league to the promised land.


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