The PLL season has ended, and we had more than enough time to process what happened. Tommy Burch gives the PLL season recap of the first half of the teams this season and the final results.

PLL Season Recap Part 1- Looking Back

This season was one of the most exciting seasons a professional sports league has seen as of yet. The NBA, NFL, MLB, you name it, have seen some incredible seasons and playoff runs. However, the Premier Lacrosse League was over 40 games of pure highlight film.

All 8 teams had highs and lows and had fans rejoicing and sulking at every given moment. Comeback wins, upsets and high-scoring games riddled the league, making this season one for the books.

Cannons Were Jammed, 1-9

This team was full of despair. This team looked solid on paper to an extent, but as games played, things worsened. After winning their first game of the season 16-10 against the eventual champions, they immediately dropped off, going 0-9 to end it off.

There wasn’t much positive to take back from the season, but Lyle Thompson made up for some. He was constantly in contention for every major award he qualified for, regardless of his team’s status. Outside of his play, Asher Nolting and Ryan Drenner helped spark something on offense. Overall, this team (my favorite) sunk to the bottom.

Playoff Chaos, 2-8

This team remains a mystery. How does the second worst team in the game go to the goddamn championship? How do they beat two of the best offensive teams in the game? How, how, how? To be quite frank, I don’t know. Since their game in Baltimore, I had an inkling of faith that they always had a chance to win.

Blaze Riorden held down the fort but showed his true colors defensively during the playoffs. His offense showed up when needed, with their surprisingly deep offensive corp doing damage. Their versatility and championship mindset put them in a position to win it all, but the underdog story wasn’t completed.

Redwoods Mediocrity, 3-7

The Redwoods were genuinely nothing special. Their roster genuinely looked quite experienced and talented to start the year, but they didn’t show up when they needed to. Garnsey, Pannell and Myles Jones seems like a guarantee for the best scoring offense in the league, but expectations were missed.

This team ended up being the second worst in the league once the playoffs were complete. Their faceoff and goalie game was good at times, but seemed to maintain a more of a hot-flash type of feeling.

Atlas Settle Down, 6-4

This team was my slate to be the No. 1 team in all of the PLL, but slowed down when they didn’t need to. This team started off 4-1 Trevor Baptise MVP. There’s an unbelievable amount of positive things in this group, but their minuscule negatives somehow tipped the balance. Towards the end of the season, they either had trouble scoring or couldn’t control the game.

Chris Gray was an incredible rookie talent but wasn’t the scorer we thought he would be. Jeff Teat was the best player in Lacrosse for a couple of weeks, but that’s all it was. A couple of weeks. This team was full of hope and potential, and they didn’t find their way to the promised land.


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