With the PLL season long behind us, we look back and remember the top performers. Tommy Burch gives his top 3 players from the 2022 season.

PLL Top 3 Players Of 2022

The PLL season is long gone and well in the past, as much as it pains me to say. The best sport on two feet not only fields some of the best games in professional sports but obtains some of the best athletes in the world. A mixing pot of different people and different skills, it has become a sport with some of the most unique playstyles and personalities around.

Some of these players mastered their skills, finding their way to the professional level using their own niche. Creativity is consistently shown in every high-level player, as the best plays shown on the field are the ones that make your brain start to work.

The best players in Lacrosse all play an individual style of ball. Regardless of the year and the level, you rarely see two players at the top of their respective leagues draw comparisons to one another. With that being said, the top 3 players in the PLL are distinctive in their ability and playstyle, earning their spots on this list.

3. Kyle Bernlohr, G, Whipsnakes

Bernlohr dominated the PLL, leading the league in save percentage and second in saves. After an unbelievable MVP campaign by Blaze Riorden, seeing a completely different goalie take the reigns. He was an immovable object, leading the best defense in Lacrosse to the best record in Premier Lacrosse League history.

Of all the starting goalies that played 10 games on the season, he allowed the least amount of goals with 98. This also puts him as the only full-season starter to allow less than 100 goals this year, an elite number on its own. He dominated and led a defense that was pretty good on paper to be amazing.

2. Lyle Thompson, A, Cannons

The league’s point scoring leader on the season, Thompson stepped in and took over. His 44 points and 26 goals were unmatched by any other player, and he also ended up as 4th in the league in assists. Although his team struggled consistently, Cannons fans consistently held out hope because they had Thompson on the roster.

He has proven throughout his career that he is one of the most precise players in the PLL. His scoring efficiency, even on a team relying on him for most of the offense, was incredible. Of the top 25 goal scorers, he was 4th in shot percentage.

1. Trevor Baptiste, FO, Atlas

Baptiste managed to find himself one of the best years as a professional faceoff specialist in Lacrosse history. His 70% from the X allowed his Atlas team to be one of the most dominant offensive forces in the sport. The Atlas maintained possession so much due to Baptiste’s dominance that it forced the offense to put up an absurd amount of shots.

He also led all FOGO’s in points scored with 10, beating out the second place player Joe Nardella by 4. Although the stats may not always show this, Baptiste contributed heavily to the Atlas success and deservedly won the 2022 Jim Brown MVP.


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