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PLL Week 7 Preview – Shaking the Standings

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The PLL is heading down to Dallas for another week of Lacrosse, there are multiple key matchups for this week. The games this week have the best teams matched up against one another for the top seeds, and the lower teams duking it out for a playoff push. There’s a lot to unfold for this weekend, and the games will be exciting.

Archers vs Atlas

The two best offensive teams in the league with Lacrosse’s two best attackmen. Arguably the best matchup in the PLL this season, these two teams are equal in many aspects of the game.

My top 2 end-of-season teams, the talent on these rosters is incredible. With the possibility of Baptiste battling against Inacio, and the clash between Teat and Manny is one of legends.

These teams are even in record, with the Archers in 2nd and the Atlas in 3rd. Although the Whipsnakes stand atop the rankings, these two teams stand above all in score differential.

Although both teams are strongest on the offensive end of the field, their goalies stand strong on the other end. With Ghitelman manning the net for the Archers and Concannon holding it down for the Atlas, the opposing offenses are going to have a bit of trouble.

The last time these teams played, the Atlas came out on top by a single goal. This week, we could see a completely different fate. With Inacio coming off of a hot game, the faceoff battle may be slightly more even. The game will be incredible, and will shake up the standings when the playoffs are due.

Chrome vs Whipsnakes

The 1st and 4th teams stand off as well, with the No. 4 Chrome trying to take out the top dog. The two elite defensive units are titled by JT Giles-Harris and Michael Manley for the Chrome and the duo of Matt Dunn and Mike Ehrhardt.

A rematch of the two all-star FOGOs in Farrell and Nardella, it may be one of the most heavily contested matchups from the stripe. With physicality versus fundamentals, the winner on the line may be the winners of the game.

Nichtern will have his match made against Matt Dunn, with possibly his most difficult primary defender of the year. Dunn can match his pace, and beating him off the dodge is no easy task.

The Whipsnakes are the favorites to win this game, however they are 5 points behind the Chrome in score differential. The Whipsnakes games have been closer, which may give the Chrome to come in during the clutch.

Waterdogs vs Cannons

Two of the scrappier teams in the league, their records don’t clearly don’t define their talent. With Thompson healthy, tag teamed with Asher Nolting, the offense can be elite during stretches of the game.

However, seeing McArdle and Sowers on the other end evens the playing field. With the two combining for 37 points on the season, the battle will be won by the better offensive team.

The Waterdogs have been known for their close games and dogfights. Their redemption arc this season has been extraordinary, but I have a feeling this slump for the Cannons won’t last.

Especially last week, the Cannons started out hot. If they can hold that momentum, they can score at will. They just need to stay vigilint and hold off the Dogs attack, and this game will be a close one.

Redwoods vs Chaos

Although these are both losing teams, they have enough fight to take each other down. Last week, the Chaos almost brought down the No. 1 Whipsnakes, only losing by 2 goals that were scored in the first quarter. The Redwoods just came off of a massive victory against the Atlas, putting them in prime position for a win streak.

Jack Kelly was great in goal last week for the Woods, who finally found consistency in the net. However, Blaze Riorden gives the Chaos an immediate advantage against every opposing team, so the matchup won’t be very close.

The rejuvenated Chaos offense was going on a tear since week 5, and Byrnes has been finding his shots. Byrnes’ battle against Garett Epple may be the most important of the game, because the winner of that matchup will dominate.

Both teams need a win for the playoff hunt, and this game may determine that. If the Redwoods can take control, they may be able tot ake a top 4 seed by the end of the year.

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