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PLL Week 7 Recap – The Playoffs Approach

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As the playoffs approach, our teams begin to battle their way in. Tommy Burch analyzes week 7, and praises the top performers.

The more I watch the PLL, the more I maintain disbelief about the games’ outcomes every weekend. Almost every game is closed on a week-by-week basis, and Dallas followed the trend. The games were incredible, and as I stated in my purview, the standings did change.

The top 5 teams are all in genuine contention for the championship. They all have a winning record, they are all scoring at similar rates, and have shown over the entire season that they want their rings.

Atlas Dismantle Archers 14-9

The Atlas were commanded by the spectacular Dox Aitken who scored a career-high 4 goals on 80% shooting, two of which were scored in the first 6 minutes. Both of these goals were assisted by Jeff Teat, the game’s leading scorer.

The first quarter was very even and the second was almost a close. With a 6-5 score at halftime, we were hoping for a replay of the last time these teams played in Baltimore. This was not the case.

Two 4 goal quarters by the Atlas drove them to a win. Cade van Raaphorsthas scored a 2-point goal in all of the last 3 games, and his shot in the 3rd quarter put the Atlas ahead by 3.

With the Archers down by 2 in the fourth quarter, their greatest nightmare reappears. Dox Aitken rolls back through, with another 2 goals with less than 2 minutes on the clock putting his team up by 4. The game ended with a goal by Romar Dennis, and the Bulls see themselves at second in the standings.

On the bright side for the Archers, Grant Ament is getting back into the swing of things with his first goal of the season. His 3 points were second on the team only to Marcus Holman’s 4. He proved that even with the time off, he still makes an incredible impact and owns the QB1 position.

Whipsnakes Prevent Chromeback, 9-8

The Chrome were a goal away from completing another historical comeback, but the Whipsnakes fend it off. An incredibly dominant half by the Whipsnakes, where they demolished the opposition 7-2.

With a six-goal run from the first into the second, the Snakes had complete control over the Chrome. However, after the half, the Chrome raked in enough goals to tie the game at 8. They held the Snakes off to 1 goal the entire second half, until Bryan Cole takes the lead and puts the Whipsankes up 9-8.

The Snakes held it together and remained scoreless to end the game, and left a bit to be desired. However, despite the lack of scoring in the last few minutes, that doesn’t tell the full story of the game.

Joe Nardella dominated the X, terrorizing Connor Farrell throughout the game. Nardella proved to be the superior FOGO of the night, cashing in 14-19 with 8 GBs and an assist.

Keegan Khan poured in another solid effort on offense this week, with an almost identical stat line to last. However, his 2 goals were scored at a 100% success rate in contrast to last week’s 50%.

I wouldn’t be worried about Farrell’s performance, Nardella is just heavily underrated this year. You’ll see him dominate next week against the Chaos and completely flip the script.

Waterdogs Hold Off Upset, Beating Cannons 15-14

This was easily the best match of the weekend. The first quarter was one of the highest we’ve seen thus far, with 13 combined goals. The offenses were in full effect, and the Waterdogs started off hot.

Kieran McArdle had a combined 4 points in the first quarter alone, with 2 goals and 2 assists. His ball work was elite, and he dominated the period.

The second quarter dialed it down, with the cannons scoring 3 to the Waterdogs 2. The score was 10-8 Dogs at the half, with McArdle tacking on 2 assists. Lyle Thompson also had a nice 4 points in the first half, making the game within one score.

Even after half, the Dogs kept rolling. They outscore the Cannons 4-1 in the 3rd and have a commanding five-goal lead entering the final period.

Starting the fourth quarter, Michael Sowers brings the lead to 6. However, the Cannons decided not to give up easily.

Once the 5:00 mark hit, all hell broke loose. In 5 minutes of play, the Cannons drove in 5 goals to bring the game within 1. To their despair, that last goal was with 0:15 left on the clock, and they didn’t have time to bring the last one in.

McArdle had a riveting performance, putting up 7 points with 3 goals and 4 assists. However, Thompson put up a nice 5 points with 3 assists, leading his team in a close battle.

The Cannons followed my predictions and performed in the second half. However, if they had stayed strong through the 3rd, things would’ve been different. If this team can put together a full 4 quarters, we will see some wins come through.

Chaos Upset Redwoods, 14-12

In a shocking turn of events, the Chaos valiantly defeated the Woods in a close bout. In an almost completely even game, the Chaos dominance in the third quarter brought them to victory.

Ryder Garnsey of the Redwoods had a career-high in goals scored with 5 despite the loss. However, despite the performance, Chaos’ Dhane Smith somehow totaled 6 assists in the game.

The game was tied 7-7 when the halftime buzzer rang, and in the 3rd quarter was the game of the Smiths. Ryan and Dhane had 2 and 3 points respectively, with Ryan’s two goals and Dhane’s 1 goal and 2 assists.

Jack Kelly fell off of his reign of supremacy, saving only 36% of shots on the day. With Blaze Riorden being Blaze Riorden, 54% was not surprising.

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