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U.S. Wins 4th Consecutive World Lacrosse Women’s Championship Defeating Canada 11-8

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The U.S. Women’s National Lacrosse Team completed the run and has earned their 4th consecutive World Lacrosse Women’s Championship.

The U.S. Women’s National Team has done it again, defeating Canada to earn their 4th world World Lacrosse Women’s Championship in a row. They have absolutely dominated the tournament since they began, holding 9 of the 11 women’s championships.

Their dominance spreads throughout tournament play, as they have a 30-game win streak. This team has not lost a single game since the 2005 world championship final.

This team accomplished this and much more with their team led by head coach Jenny Levy, who directed this team to success. The championship win happened to be in Towson Maryland, the first-ever time the host country has one the gold.

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Statistical Achievements

In 8 games, the USA team managed to outscore their opponents 134-39. Goalie Liz Hogan allowed only 4.6 goals per game and saved 42% of shots. Her defensive efforts, followed by her teammates, led to their success.

Middie Ally Mastroianni absolutely shattered the tournament record for draw controls, with 38 to the previous record’s 30. Marie McCool had an incredible tournament performance as well, finishing with 24 points and 17 draw controls.

As for lifetime achievements, records were also broken. Kayla Treanor scored 44 goals, breaking the previous record of 37, while also beating the total points scored record with 77.

Taylor Cummings broke the career record for draw controls, absolutely blowing the previous 44 out of the water with her 56.

What’s Next for the winners of the World Lacrosse Women’s Championship?

The Women’s national team is on no pace to slow down anytime soon. After a decade of dominance and recruiting the best players in lacrosse, the girls have found a new wave of talent.

The U.S. national team has a bench full of stars itching for minutes. Even Canada’s coach Scott Teeter had something to say. In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, he states, “Just look at their attackers and their next wave of attackers that are on the bench that didn’t get in. We had to get our matchups and keep our matchups, and for the most part, I thought we did a very good job keeping them at bay and that stuff.”

The rivalry is definitely on the brink of overflow. The teams have been facing in championship battles for years, and as time passed, the distance between the two is shrinking. The 11-8 deficit is actually shorter than you may think, with each year former having a larger age gap.

The most important thing for the USA women’s national lacrosse team is maintaining what they have. With a strong roster and a strong bench, keeping what they have on hand should be the No. 1 priority.

This team is a hard-fought bunch of women who enjoy the game of lacrosse. They have garnered respect and success throughout the years, and we send gratitude once again to the winners of the World Lacrosse Women’s Championship.

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