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2010 is in the books…

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The Cardinals had promise. But oh so frustrating! It was difficult. I use the phrase that a baseball season is a marathon not a sprint. Well, we got about 20 miles out of the 26 to finish the season in first place.

Off-season, Hot Stove League or whatever you want to call it is upon us. Be sure to come back often as we have a United Cardinals Blogger roundtable starting up on Wednesday, Oct. 6th and YOUR TRULY gets to start it off.

Here is how it works:

one blogger (that will be Cardinalsgm on the first day) e-mails out a question to the other United Cardinal Blogger participants, which allows them a day of discussions and responses.  The next day, that blogger(me) posts the transcript of of the discussion on their blog, while the next blogger in line starts the project all over again. Looks like fun, doesn’t  it?

I will be linking up the other sites after they complete their blogs with our comments.

Here is the complete list of participants:

Wednesday, October 6: CardinalsGM
Thursday, October 7: Intangiball
Friday, October 8: Redbird Report

Monday, October 11: i70baseball
Tuesday, October 12: Cardinal Diamond Diaries
Wednesday, October 13: Bird Brained
Thursday, October 14: RetroSimba
Friday, October 15: Welcome To Baseball Heaven

Monday, October 18: Pitchers Hit Eighth
Tuesday, October 19:  Play A Hard Nine (Erik)
Wednesday, October 20: Reading Redbird
Thursday, October 21: The McBrayer-Baseball Blog
Friday, October 22:  85% Sports

Monday, October 25: Stan Musial’s Stance
Tuesday, October 26:  Redbird Rants
Wednesday, October 27:  Fungoes
Thursday, October 28:  Play A Hard Nine (Steve)
Friday, October 29: Busch Birds

Monday, November 1: C70 At The Bat

Be sure to stop by and read them several times a week. Cardinal fans have some very talented writers with some fantastic thoughts.

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