The Panini Absolute Baseball hobby box is returning, but with a new modern twist that is sure to excite card collectors across the country. 

The set of cards features various series of cards throughout the package that all hold a different purpose and offer collectors a unique card collection. Cards include memorabilia from legends of the game and the current faces of Major League Baseball. 

Absolute Baseball is showcasing the autographs of many 2021 rookies as well as pieces of equipment featuring cards for league veterans. 

Baseball Spectrum Blue

The 2021 Absolute Baseball contains a 100-card complete set, which is shown across five different parallels and different printing plates, giving each card a unique finish. These cards have an iconic look to them with a circular or oval shape around the player, but a modern finish to them with bright colors and a 3D look with players stepping out of the circular frame.  


These 15 cards play homage to some of the greatest players to ever play the game and connect to a current player at the same position on the same team. For example, one card features Paul Goldschmidt of the St. Louis Cardinals and Stan “The Man” Musial. 


Chicks have always dug the long ball, so there is an entire 15-card set to commemorate some of the greatest power hitters from baseball’s golden age with Babe Ruth to today’s best sluggers like Cody Bellinger. With home runs being the trick of today’s hitters, this a section of cards that collectors should be able to find some joy in without having to worry too much about getting a poor card. 

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Patches Spectrum Black

The Patches Spectrum Black set is a 100-card set that effectively combines memorabilia from players and combines it with that player’s card. From cutouts of jerseys to other fragments of memorabilia, this set is bound to bring collectors a card they haven’t ever seen before. In addition, the Spectrum Black set features cards from the game’s superstars of yesterday but also the superstars of tomorrow, with some of the best rookies in 2021 heavily featured. This is a great set of cards for collectors of memorabilia and cards to find their next prized piece. 

Rookie Baseball Material Signatures

Everyone enjoys going to the ballpark and getting an autograph, so Absolute is making it easy to get autographs with this set. This set of cards features autographs from the premier rookies in Major League Baseball, from baseball fragments to wood pieces. Get lucky, and you could have an autographed ball from a future Hall of Famer on their rookie card. This set isn’t as great as the Patches Spectrum Black, but it has the potential to serve up a great card in the making. 

Iconic Ink

This is the most random set of cards in the set, but collectors will be able to come away with a potential Hall of Famer that played in the 1960s or a current player with a bright future. This Iconic Ink set has the ability to provide collectors with a really unique set of cards that they might not be able to get anywhere else.  

Tool of the Trade

The Tools of the Trade set comes in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-swatch variants and features similar memorabilia as the patches set with more past legends and today’s current stars. So you won’t find any rookie cards in this section, but you will find some of the best players today, like Mike Trout or Ronald Acuña Jr.

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