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2021 Topps Series 2 Release Preview

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Topps will continue the celebration of their 70th anniversary with the Series 2 release of its flagship product.

2021 Topps Series 2 Release Preview – Topps will continue the celebration of their 70th anniversary with the Series 2 release of its flagship product. Topps Series 2 is set to release this Friday, June 11th. 2021 Topps Series 2 Baseball will offer a large base set, some parallels continuing from Series 1, and some new aspects as well.

The hobby box will include 24 packs, with 14 cards inside each pack. A jumbo box will consist of 10 packs, but 46 cards per pack, and this box has a guarantee of at least one autograph and 2 memorabilia cards.

The special tickets from Series 1 will be making a return in Series 2. 25 special tickets will be inserted into random packs, and each winner will receive an invite to a unique event that will feature players and exclusive prizes.

Topps Series 2 Base Set

Like Series 1, the base set of Series 2 will contain 330 cards. The cards will consist of veteran Major Leaguers, rookies, the game’s future stars, and team cards.

There are also going to be a ton of different parallels offered within the base set.

Here’s the rundown via Topps:

  • Gold Foil — 1 in every 2 packs (Jumbo)
  • Rainbow Foil — 1 in every 10 packs
  • Gold — Numbered out of 2,021
  • Vintage Stock — Numbered out of 99
  • Independence Day— Numbered out of 76
  • Black— Numbered out of 70 (Hobby/Jumbo)
  • Platinum Anniversary— Numbered out of 70
  • Mother’s Day Pink — Numbered out of 50
  • Father’s Day Blue— Numbered out of 50
  • Memorial Day— Numbered out of 25
  • Clear Variation– Numbered out of 10 (Hobby box only)
  • Platinum— Numbered 1/1
  • 70th Anniversary Printing Plates— Numbered 1/1

Sets of Inserts

70 years of Topps Baseball Insert

This will feature 70 new players added to this insert set. The players in this set will be displayed on Topps base card designs from the previous 70 years of sets. Select subjects will be included in an autograph parallel as well that will be numbered to 10 or less.

There will also be exclusive chrome versions of this insert set that can be found only in toppers of the jumbo box. The topper will give you two chances at the chrome exclusive, and the potential for a 1/1 superfractor.

DH Debuts

This new insert will look at the MLB’s first season of universal designated hitters. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the MLB switched to universal designated hitters in both leagues for the first time. Previously National League designated hitters were only used when batting in American League parks.

This set will honor the new universal designated hitters of 2020 in the National League.

Zero to Sixty

This will be a new insert as well that will look at MLB’s shortened 60 game schedule from 2020 and compare players stretches versus some of the best 60 game stretches in MLB history.

Topps Platinum Player Die Cuts

This insert subset will continue from Series 1, adding 25 cards in a 70-card set. These inserts will highlight the 70 greatest players to be featured on a Topps trading card.

Sketch Cards

This set of cards, which will be exclusive to the hobby and jumbo boxes will feature hand-drawn art of some of the game’s top stars.

Topps 1986 Baseball and All-Star

This set will be in memory of the 1986 Topps Baseball Set and this insert will be featuring retired legends, current stars, and new rookies.

The All-Star set will feature All-Stars from the past and present.

All of these sets will have their own parallels and different limited.

Autographs and Relics

As usual, there will be plenty of relics and autograph differentiations present in each type of box.

There will be commemorative relics which will include special items such as jersey patches and pictured World Series rings. 1986 Relics will also be included.

Autograph cards will have a heavy presence in Series 2. The 70 Years of Baseball Autographs will feature players from all eras of the game. 1986 Topps Baseball Autographs will feature on-card signatures, featuring current and legendary major league stars. The same will apply to the 1986 Topps Baseball All-Star Autographs.

Three subsets of cards will combine memorabilia and autographs. The Topps Reverence Autograph Patch cards feature on-card signatures and premium game-used relics and will be numbered to 10. Parallels will be in Red, numbered to 5, and there will be Platinum 1/1 cards.

Major League Material Autograph Relics and Significant Statistics Autograph Relic Cards will be numbered to 50 or less, with parallels in Red numbered to 25 and Platinum 1 out of 1.

With a nice blend of history and new features, this series should be fun for all collectors.

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