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2022 MLB Futures: How To Bet on This Season Online

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Much to the fans’ and bettors’ excitement, this year’s MLB season is finally here. Read on to find out how to cash in on 2022 MLB Futures bets.

There were some delays with the start of the MLB season due to the lockout of players while in the midst of negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement. But, much to the fans’ and bettors’ excitement, this year’s Major League Baseball season is finally here, and no games are going to be missed. Now every fan is on the edge of their seats as the ongoing events commence.

So, if you are still up for the 2022 MLB season betting experience, here are a few ways you can bet for a team online.

Betting MLB Online

Betting online has made sports betting a lot easier and more convenient. If you are wondering how you can bet for the 2022 MLB season, here are the common types of wagers you can place.

Baseball Moneyline

The first online MLB bet you can make is one of the most popular baseball bet types. It is a straightforward wager that you can also make. You can bag a win for money lines by picking and betting on who you think is the overall winner of the match. Your choice must rank first or win the game so you can payout.

Baseball Spreads

It is sometimes pretty simple to guess who would win between the match of the favorite and the underdog. For that reason, it can be dull and repetitive. When that happens, you can try betting on the baseball run line. The sportsbook offers this type of bet to even the MLB odds of both teams.

If you bet on the favorite for spread betting, that team must win a certain number of points so that you can payout. Conversely, for the underdog to win, they must surpass the odds or straight up win the game.

So, most online sportsbooks will present baseball spread betting as favorite (-1.5) and underdog (+1.5). For you to win with the favorite, they must create a two or more point gap with the underdog. On the other hand, the underdog bettors can win if their pick ends with a tie or win the game over the favorites.

With baseball spreads, the favorites must not only win the game but also reach a certain point to win, which makes all the MLB betting more fun and exciting online.

Baseball Totals

Baseball totals are also known as baseball over/under betting. To explain simply, betting on this will need you to bet whether you think the total score of the match will be over or under the set points the sportsbook has presented.

In any case, the total result score of the match ends up having the exact number your online sportsbook has set, the bet will be a push, and the bettors will be refunded with their money.

Baseball In-Game Betting

Baseball in-game betting is live betting that the sportsbook offers to their MLB bettors. It is the type of online betting where bettors place their bets while the match occurs.

Unlike the odds, you will see the games unfold on the Livestream. So, you can personally assess how the match will play out. You can take your time to evaluate and investigate, then place your bet on your sportsbook.

MLB Futures

The MLB future is when you bet for the match that takes place in the future. For the 2022 MLB, you can start betting for The World Series, which will take place after the regular season.

The futures usually start when the regular season begins. Still, the schedule varies per sportsbook. In FanDuel’s case, they are now accepting bets for the championship. So, to ensure and secure the futures, you can ask for the details with your sportsbook to check when they will be opening the future betting for The World Series.

What To Prepare To Bet Online?

Now that you have learned how to vote for the 2022 MLB season, you will need to prepare to place your bets. If your first baseball betting is done right, you will realize how fun and convenient it can be. So to start, here are the two things you need to prepare.


Sportsbook or bookmaker is a necessary channel for baseball betting online. These are online sites that accept your wagers for baseball and other sports. They are regulated by the law and are licensed to manage sports betting.

Although it is made available for every person to use, you need to ensure that sports betting is legalized in your state. Although the US permits all the states to decide for themselves, there are only around 30 over 50 states that have legalized online sports betting.

MLB Odds

Now that you are settled with a sportsbook, the next thing you need to prepare beforehand is the MLB odds. Sportsbooks present the baseball odds to their bettors. The odds will present you with the likelihood of a team winning the match. It will also show you the possible profit you can get if you ever win.

In online sportsbooks, odds are placed beside the team and accompanied by plus and minus signs. The minus sign is for the favorite, while the plus is for the underdog. The favorite is the team that the sportsbook is predicted to have more chances of winning. On the contrary, the underdog has a lower chance of winning.

Moreover, if your bet has the minus sign, it will tell you how much you will need to vote to earn a $100 profit. While the plus sign presents you how much you can win for every $100 you place.

Final Thoughts

Again, if betting online on baseball is done right, you can never go back to regular betting anymore. It will always ensure the best experience and guarantee you legal and just procedures. So, if you are planning to bet for the 2022 MLB season, you should consider betting online.

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