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Cardinals Prospects #29

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On the Cardinals Prospect list at #29 is right handed hurler Griffin Roberts. At 24 rears of age, he is 6’3″ and 210 lbs. The Cardinals signed him out of Wake Forest in the 2018 draft as the 43rd pick overall.

Roberts has always had some issues throwing strike even in college. He will have lo learn to handle his pitches better He averagedRoberts got 3.5 strike outs per none innings in 2017. Later he received a 50 game suspension for testing positive for marijuana.

In an article in the about his suspension he stated:

“Not only did I let myself and my loved ones down but I let a lot of people in the organization down, some of them people I don’t even know that well,” Roberts told “They expect me to be a good baseball player and not some kind of delinquent off the field that’s messing up his opportunities to be on the field.

When he came back to baseball, he struggled with a 6.44 ERA , 35 walks and 46 K’s at Palm Beach in 65 2/3 innings

Roberts best pitch is is an outstanding breaking bsll with elite spin rate that get righty hitters struggling to make contact. His fastball get to 90-95 mph. Complimenting that is an above average change. If he wants to continue to be a starter he will need to improve his command and control.

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