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Aaron Judge Misses Home Run Derby

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Many fans will be disappointed by the absence of Aaron Judge at the Home RUn Derby this year. Read to find out why he won’t be there.

There’s no surprise that Aaron Judge has been one of the best players in baseball today as he is the franchise player of the New York Yankees. It is debatable that Aaron Judge is the best right fielder in baseball currently.

This is a controversial statement as it can be said players like Bryce Harper and Mookie Betts are debatably better right fielders did Aaron Judge, but I believe this not to be the case. Keep it has been killing it this season as he slammed 29 home runs and led the American League with 135 runs.

This performance dwindles in comparison to his MVP season back in 2018. It is in my opinion that the only reason that Betts outshined Aaron Judge was due to the many injuries judge faced throughout his career. With the rising talent in the outfield and the poor health of Aaron Judge, it was a terrible situation for Judge of the time.

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Best Right Fielder in the Game

Aaron Judge is currently on his way to sitting in MLB record and currently has 30 home runs hit. Confused as to why Judge is willing to not participate in the home run derby this season as many fans will surely be disappointed.

Many people would wonder if his reluctance to participate in the home run derby has any connection with his relationship with the Yankees as he is upcoming to be a free agent this following season and is potentially looking to re-sign with the Yankees as he will be able to secure a huge contract this off-season.

Aaron Judge has leverage in the situation and there is no real reason for him to participate in the home run derby as it will not affect his legacy because judge has cemented his career in MLB history.

Home Run Derby Disappointment

As an MLB fan, I am disappointed not to see Aaron Judge compete against the five participants in this year’s home run derby as it would be great to see Aaron Judge go up against two-time home run derby winner Pete Alonso who currently has 23 home runs with one of the furthest hit balls this season as well.

Every Ashley participating in the home run derby this season already has one of the ones prior and is insured to be an entertaining showing.

Aaron Judge not participating in the home run derby can be credited to his focus on winning the World Series as winning a home run derby in participating in All-Star events doesn’t correlate to winning championships. Aaron Judge has possibly already been the most talked about player in MLB and doesn’t need any more publicity through these All-Star events some may say he can show team spirit or camaraderie through participating but his priorities are set.

I’m excited to see how the MLB season will conclude as the Yankees have been dominating. Through great participation of Aaron Judge who has been carrying the load offensively as well as holding down the right field.

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