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All They Do is Win…Cubs Playing Great Baseball

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The Chicago Cubs have suddenly become a great baseball team since the month of August. Now the Cubs will look to finish strong and carry momentum into the offseason.

A quick look at the NL Central standings shows you that this was a wasted year for the Chicago Cubs. If you’ve been following along with this team though, you will know that nothing has been wasted over the last two months.

Most predicted a terrible finish to the 2022 season after the Trade Deadline that saw the Cubs send away four of their top bullpen arms. There was reason to believe that the team was going to tank and that they were headed for 100 losses.

Manager David Ross has been able to rally the troops though, and they have put together a terrific second half of the year. After beating the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday night, the Cubs have won six of their last seven games.

Jed Hoyer has to be pleased with what Ross has done with this team, and he also has to be thinking big moving forward. It’s pretty clear that there are still some holes on this roster, but the current version of the Cubs has also made it clear that the gap isn’t that large.

Morel Continues to Mash

The Chicago Cubs entered the 2022 season with several top prospects waiting in the wings, both on the positional side and the pitching staff. Names such as Brennen Davis and Caleb Kilian come to mind, but it was a different player that made the biggest splash.

Christopher Morel came to the Cubs all the way from Double-A, skipping the Iowa Cubs for a stint at Wrigley Field. This was supposed to be a short stay for Morel, but he hasn’t left the big league team since his callup.

Morel belted his 15th home run on Tuesday night, and he has continued to hit all season long. Not only that but Morel has shown the ability to play all over the field, and he is going to be a key factor heading into 2022 and beyond.

Hoyer Will Be Busy

We haven’t even reached the offseason yet, and there has already been a ton of rumors floating around about the potential moves for the Cubs this Winter. You usually have to wait until free agency starts before hearing the rumors, but perhaps they aren’t actually rumors at all.

The latest news comes from Minnesota and suggests that the Cubs are the frontrunners to land Carlos Correa this offseason. A report from San Francisco also suggests that Carlos Rodon wants to return to Chicago, and he is the top target for the Cubs this offseason.

It’s getting easier and easier to sell the future of this franchise to free agent targets, and the minor league depth speaks for itself. Hoyer is going to be a busy man this winter, but the recent play of the team might make his job a lot easier as the Cubs once again look like a great destination.

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