Where were you when you heard about the Nolan Arenado trade? Much like other epic events in life, I believe many folks in Cardinals’ nation won’t soon forget exactly where they were when they heard the news. Nolan Arenado traded to the Cardinals. I could read that sentence all day.

That’s right. After several years of drooling over Arenado, he’s finally a member of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Well, as soon as the deal is confirmed by the MLB and MLBPA. Once the trade is approved, and the exact details of the deal come to light, the stories will write themselves. Until we get an update, only a few things can be confirmed.

The “thing” that stands out to me the most about the Arenado trade was the reaction of Cardinals’ fans on social media that night. From a fanbase in shambles and screaming at each other, to one of the happiest fanbases, in unison, that I have ever seen.

My second takeaway was the 180 some fans made on the front office, and for others, the “I told you so’s,” on the FO topic.

Both of those things struck me as interesting and exciting as the news came out. So, until we get the details of the trade, the players lost and gained, the money lost and gained, and all of the other intricacies of such a ginormous deal, let’s take a look at the reaction of Cardinals’ fans everywhere.


Nolan Arenado Traded to the Cardinals: Fan Reaction


We reached out to Cardinals’ Nation on Twitter and asked them to give me their reaction to the huge news, and these are the responses we got…


“Mo proved us all wrong. We have been saying for months the FO was stagnant, cheap, etc. But they pulled off seemingly an incredible move for an incredible player”


“It’s about damn time!”


“I remember the Scott Rolen trade.  I loved the Scott Rolen era and I wish it had lasted longer.  Nolan Arenado may give us more of that and that is a wonderful thing.”


“Any time you add a player who changes the game on both sides of the ball, it’s obviously going to affect that club’s trajectory. Adding a bat/glove like Arenado completely changes fan expectations of this ballclub, and I think it’s going to be more than just an offensive boost. The Brewers and Reds have been awfully quiet so far. The Cubs have a decimated rotation and are still moving key pieces like Schwarber and maybe Contreras. The Pirates continue to exist. I think this trade cements the Cardinals as NL Central favorites.”


“I’m a rare Cards Twitter user that approves of Mozeliak, even pre-Arenado. I don’t want to take it for granted that we’ve seen competitive, winning baseball for a decade or more. That said, I think Mo has solidified his legacy as one of the better GM’s of our time with this move.”


“Nolan Arenado will provide us with a level of defense we haven’t seen since Scott Rolen, and his bat may prove to be more valuable than Rolen’s. An outstanding trade at a position of real need, which may yet see Goldschmidt and DeJong get more pitches to hit. Love it.”


“This was the kind of trade that made the Cardinals consistent World Series contenders in the Jocketty/LaRussa era.”


“Name a better fit in the MLB.”


“I can’t wait for his first home game with a packed stadium. I want to see his reaction as over 50,000 fans stand and cheer for him! It will be like nothing he’s ever experienced.”


“I think it represents a real shift in the direction this team was heading. It drastically changes the outlook fans had, on when this team would truly compete again (no expanded playoffs). Which from what I could tell, was 2022, when a bunch of contracts would be off the books. 

“It’s different for me from the Goldschmidt trade. I just saw that move as an excuse to not pursue Bryce Harper (a damn good one at that). I think Mozeliak’s had this one in the works for a long while. It might explain why Matt Carpenter got his extension just months after Arenado. 

“Now just personal feeling? This move is epic. I wouldn’t have worried if we sent Nolan Gorman to Colorado or not, even if I should have been. But I’m really glad we didn’t. I think this is the best trade the Cardinals have made since Matt Holliday. Really proud of our front office.”


“We got Scott Rolen again!”


For a few fans, it was hard for them to put into words, so they responded in GIF form…





And of course, one lowly Dodgers fan wandered into the conversation…




And since the Dodgers seem to have an endless amount of money, and are always a top destination for free agents, he may not be wrong.

Nolan Arenado Traded to the Cardinals: Thoughts on the Front Office

Aside from the intoxicating happiness that was felt across Cardinals’ country, you could also see a sudden change in the way many viewed the front office. For others, the trade cemented a sentiment they already shared about the FO.
I asked Brenden Schaeffer from KMOV, Dan Buffa from KSDK, Brian Swope from Gateway City Sports, and Aaron Mullins/Cardinal Caleb from Arch City Media all the same question.

Does your view of Mozeliak/Girsch change post-Arenado trade? In other words, How did you feel about the FO both pre and post-trade? 

These were the responses that they gave…


“I think the front office really came through on their plan for this off-season. From the beginning, they preached patience to the fan base, but because of the belief that the Cardinals would ultimately decrease payroll, there wasn’t much faith the team would make a significant addition. But in the end, they stuck to their guns, explored opportunities in the market, and landed one of the top acquisitions of the winter–without mortgaging the future to do it. The front office and ownership deserve a lot of credit for this one.”


“I’d like to think this trade clears the deck on doubt about this franchise. They went out and got the golden goose, possibly better than Harper or Stanton. Someone who changes their lineup and franchise, especially if he sticks around. They got a game-changer for a very low price. It’s almost as if Mozeliak and Girsch started reading that Doug Armstrong playbook. How to fleece a team on a calm Friday evening in January. I have called them out and doubted them so much that KMOX host Mark Reardon calls me the most cynical about this team ever. I wanted action, and they brought the thunder. I am at ease.”

  • Dan Buffa – Writer for KSDK News and St. Louis Gametime


“I think that the fan base could be summed up by how much response I got from this tweet here. Fans latched into it because they were unhappy. Myself included. It was not on my radar for them to get Arenado. I thought best case scenario they re-sign Yadi/Waino and possibly Wong. I wasn’t a “front office hater” but I figured this last year with COVID would be the main excuse if they weren’t active. I think it’s a phenomenal move that should show most casual fans that the front office knows what they’re doing.”



“My view on the front office pre-trade and post-trade are the same. I just wrote an article on it as a matter of fact. Mozeliak is a damn good executive. And I wrote that before the trade even became known.”


“I didn’t blame Mo 100%, but without a doubt, I was frustrated with the organization. I had spent a lot of time dreading the upcoming season while honestly grappling with the idea that we wouldn’t make any big moves. Adding Arenado was the best move that I think they could have done.”


So, after hearing all of this from fans and writers, what is my takeaway? Well, I’ll wait until the package is announced to tally my final vote, but I was also growing impatient with the front office and ownership. Grabbing one of my favorite players in the game certainly changed my view on the organization.

That being said, Arenado doesn’t absolve John Mozeliak and Michael Girsh of their past failures, but it definitely goes a long way in healing those wounds. Now, go re-sign Yadi, re-sign Wong, and let’s win the Central!


I’d like to thank all of the writers and fans who participated in this article.