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MLB Betting Advice 2018: Bettors Beware of Betting Certain Teams

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The 2018 MLB season is approaching and we have some betting advice for you. Take a look at some certain teams you should beware of betting on.

Baseball is almost among us and some bettors are excited to get the betting started. Mainly, in baseball, amateur bettors have a favorite team and will put their money on them. Here are some reasons to pause before betting on each team. Bet wisely and use good money management.

aseball is almost among us and some bettors are excited to get the betting started. Mainly, in baseball, amateur bettors have a favorite team and will put their money on them. Here are some reasons to pause before betting on each team. Bet wisely and use good money management.

Betting on the Chicago Cubs in 2017 will be very popular by the general public. But the Sportsbooks KNOW THIS!

Everyone will want to bet the Cubs but beware, the sportsbooks know this and value will be taken away as they will inflate the lines.

The Cardinals rotation has been weakened somewhat with Alex Reyes undergoing Tommy John surgery. Also, the team lost 48 home runs when Matt Holliday and Brandon Moss left.

Cincinnati is awful. Injuries to Homer Bailey and Anthony DeSclafani along with Dan Straily being traded has made the rotation bad. The bullpen wasn’t anything to write home about as they allowed the most home runs, runs allowed and walks last year.

Milwaukee is going to be youthful and inexperienced outside of Ryan Braun. The rotation has no #1 starters and must rely on Zach Davies and Junior Guerra.

Pittsburgh has Cole as their #1 starter. Beyond that they must rely on a group of pitchers that went 10-11 last year in Chad Kuhl, Jameson Tailon and Steven Brault. The bullpen had a very poor ERA last year at 5.22. Look for this team to sell if they are out of the hunt.

Detroit is aging and if Justin Verlander or Miguel Cabrera has an injury, they will not be able to compete.

Chicago White Sox are rebuilding. They traded Chris Sale and are listening to offers for Jose Quintana. They will struggle with youth getting the playing time. The relief is horrible.

Kansas City just lost players. First, with the death of Yordano Ventura, then Edinson Volquez and especially closer Wade Davis are gone. If things sour, look for them to unload other players.

Cleveland lost some important role players and right now the rotation is not close to 100 percent.

Minnesota tried to trade their best player and still may do so. This team had the worst ERA in the American League and spouts Phil Hughes as their ace.

Baltimore had a 4.72 ERA last season and didn’t get an upgrade. They also lost Matt Wieters and the offense needs to quit relying on the long ball.

Does David Price put the Boston Red Sox atop the AL Central in 2017?

Boston went out and grabbed David Price. Now he is a concern and may continue to have lingering elbow issues. The leaning will be on Chris Sale, which isn’t bad. The Red Sox lost David Ortiz and this is a concern as a player and a clubhouse presence. The bullpen can’t just rely on Craig Kimbrel.

Matt Holliday was signed by the Yankees but he is on a decline and add that to poor seasons from Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner doesn’t bode well in the Bronx. Offense has to improve and the rotation is very average.

Tampa Bay Rays were near the bottom of the American League in runs scored and finished in the bottom five in offensive strikeouts. The bullpen was fifth worst at a 4.09 ERA.

Toronto is a bullpen concern with the loss of Brett Cecil to the Cardinals. Also remember, the Blue Jays lost Edwin Encarnacion from their offense. Look for fewer runs.

Atlanta has a depth issue. If Freddie Freeman gets hurt they have no one to replace him. Also, Brandon Phillips is now a Braves infielder but he little left to offer.

Miami is going to be shaky for a long period of time since the death of Jose Fernandez. Pitching is an issue the Marlins. Giancarlo Stanton seems to get hurt and does Dee Gordon and Martin Prado have it again?

New York Mets can’t possibly be counting on Matt Harvey to produce and then David Wright is very shaky and hasn’t given them anything for a long time. Offense and relief are fine.

Philadelphia hit .230 at home. That is good for the worst mark in team’s history. The pitching is suspect as Clay Buchholz had a 4.78 ERA in Boston and Velasquez is returning from an injury. Look for veterans to be sold off as they fall from the race.

The Nationals are a talented team but can they expect to produce 800 runs like they did last season? Not much here to disappoint.

Oakland lacks depth. That is in all areas. Their budget is weak and their farm system is bad. Starter Sonny Gray will get traded by GM Billy Beane once he shows his 5.69 ERA is a thing of the past.

Los Angeles Angels have pitching needs in the rotation and in the pen. Garrett Richards is the lone ace in the rotation and Tyler Skaggs in the primary name in the bullpen.

Seattle is actually an enigma. They have no real needs but they just have mostly average players. Watch closely how they sort out the rotation.

Texas Rangers need rotation help. They can’t count on Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels to stay healthy. The offense stings the ball.

Can you confidently bet on the Houston Astros young team in 2017?

The Houston Astros are a young team that can excite the fanbase. However, pitching remains the question of the season for the top of this division. After a Cy Young performance in 2015, Dallas Keuchel struggled in 2016, posting a 4.55 ERA.

San Diego Padres are so bad in the pitching department they are considering “piggy backing” pitchers to throw 3-5 innings and another comes in to finish. The Padres has just one pitcher who finished 2016 with a sub 4 ERA, and three of the five finished with an ERA north of 5.

Arizona has AJ Pollock and he is a good player, but he played just 12 games last season due to injury. He will be with Yasmany Tomas in left and David Peralta in right. Pollock is good, and Peralta is roughly average, but Tomas is disastrously terrible. Rotation is a concern.

Colorado has one problem and that is the health of Carlos Gonzalez. If he is healthy, all is good.

San Francisco has a depth problem and an outfield issue. They must call upon Denard Span and Hunter Pence to play and they are past their prime. Pence already has an oblique issue.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a solid team. But the outfield trio of Andrew Toles, Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig just doesn’t do a lot for me as they haven’t shown elite status for long haul. Also, the season may rest on the back of Clayton Kershaw. Is it healthy?

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