Baseball betting can be fun and profitable. In order to make a profit, however, it requires that you pay attention to some important items. The beginning of the season should be bet differently than the middle or the end of the season. Here are a few items that the bettor should take into consideration before betting.

Early Season

In the early part of the season, mostly in April, the pitchers are always ahead of the hitters after they leave spring training.For this reason it is usually the most prudent bet to look for the underdogs to perform better than later in the season. The good thing is that the odds are the same against underdogs early in the season as later in the season when favorite’s rule. The key point to remember is that underdogs should be bet early in the season.

Pay close attention to managers and their tendencies when it comes to pitchers usage. Look to see if the bullpen was taxed the night before or if an average to below average pitcher is on the hill. With both of those it may be a good time to bet the over. However, if the bullpen is fresh and the ace is throwing, a low scoring game is likely in the works. It’s really just common sense.

Check out the Plate Umpire

Many Major League Baseball bettors believe that pitching is the key to winning your bet. That is partially true as it is just important to know the tendencies of the man behind the plate calling balls and strikes. You MUST keep track of who is behind the plate.

Many people look at how many times the home team wins with a certain umpire behind the plate. While that is an overall look, it is important to grasp what is inside the game. Look at the number of walks and strikeouts that are totaled in a game with a specific umpire to understand his strike zone.

If the umpire has a big strike zone then you can be somewhat assured there will be fewer runs. This gives advantage to the pitchers. They will get more strikeouts and less walks and this will limit the amount of chances for the teams to score. Now if he has a small strike zone you can believe this is likely to lead to more runs. Pitchers give more walks and more hits which gives the advantage to the hitters. This information is vital to betting the over/under of a game.

Using MLB Umpire Stats for Early Season BettingFinding the Profitable Games

One idea is to find the game or games you like first, then plug in the umpire stats to help make an informed decision. Umpire stats can be found in several places and the ones that are available include the Over and Under percentage, runs per game, base on ball per game, strikeouts per game and the home team record. The home team record is truly a stat to consider. Many times they tend to favor the home team and home team crowds.

While umpire stats are not the only item you need to understand, it certainly plays a part in the game and your bet. Bet wisely and practice good bankroll management!


Lance Barksdale- 32 games, 7 over and 20 under for 74% under

Lance Barrett- 30 game, 9 over and 17 under for 65.4% under

Dan Bellino- 31 games, 9 over and 18 under for 66.6% under

CB Bucknor- 25 games, 7 over and 16 under for 69.6% under

Bruce Dreckman- 33 games, 13 over and 20 under for 60.6% under


Gary Cederstrom 31 games, 19 over and 13 under for 59.4% over

Gerry Davis- 31 games, 19 over and 13 under for 59.4% over

Manny Gonzalez- 28 games, 19 over and 7 under for 71.3% over

Tom Hallion- 31 games, 19 over and 9 under for 67.9% over

David Rackley- 29 games, 19 over and 9 under for 67.9% over