The St. Louis Cardinals acquire Arenado in a blockbuster deal with the Colorado Rockies. Nolan Arenado is set to be the next Cardinals’ third basemen. Cardinals’ President of Baseball Operations, John Mozeliak, and GM Michael Girsch have been in contact about Arenado since the last offseason.

The news finally came in over the weekend. The Redbirds finally got their guy to the elation of Cardinals’ fans everywhere. With Paul Goldschmidt and Arenado at the corners, they easily have a top 3 infield in all of the MLB.

While thrilling in one part of the country, Colorado Rockies fans weren’t feeling the love and continue to wonder if Jeff Bridich has a plan moving forward. They now move on to worrying about losing Trevor Story now.

Looking at Arenado

Nolan Arenado is a 6-2 215lb third baseman from Newport Beach, CA. After being drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2nd round of the 2009 MLB draft, he has maintained a .293 batting average and has hit 235 home runs in his 8 years in the MLB. These are all-star level stats. 

From 2015-2019 he has held a batting average of .300, averaged 40 home runs, and has had 124 runs helping the Rockies get to the postseason a couple of times. Earning a series of awards including the Gold Glove 8 times. 

During his time on the Rockies Nolan has been a key player providing top defensive plays at third base and was an elite offensive player at the dish. But, Arenado is about to turn 30 coming off a below-average season where he suffered a shoulder injury and only played 48 of the shortened 60 game season. 

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Cardinals Land Their Man

So, the Colorado Rockies traded Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals. They traded him for LHP Austin Gomber, RHP Jake Sommers and Tony Locey, and INF Mateo Gil and Elehuris Montero.

They will also send $51 million of the $199 million Arenado is owed on his contract that started at the beginning of 2019. Such a large amount of money is being moved around that the MLB and MLBPA had to approve of the trade.

I think a big part of why Arenado is being traded is that he has six years and $199 million left on his contract and the Rockies need to acquire more star players rather than just having one who may or may not perform well at the plate next season. Arenado also had some off-field issues with GM Jeff Bridich because he didn’t like the direction the Rockies were moving in. 

Cardinals Acquire Arenado from Rockies; Hopefully a Healthy Version

As for St. Louis, this trade could play out really well for them if Arenado is in full health when the season begins. Arenado will add a big bat to the Cardinal’s offense and will not only fill a hole in the infield, but he will own it as well with the skill he has in the infield. 

He can also provide the team with leadership and experience. The Cardinals have imported former Rockies stars in the past such as Larry Walker, Matt Holiday, and Scott Rolen. With Arenado going to the Cardinals, they have now become a serious contender to win the NL Central. 

To prove how good the Cardinal’s potential is, there have only been 10 NL Platinum Gloves awarded by the MLB.With the addition of Arenado the infield will have 8 of those 10 holding those awards.

Movin’ On Up

Before this trade, the Cardinals did not even break the top 15 teams slated to win the World Series.  The Cardinals are now in the top ten. 

As for the division, odds have jumped from 36.1% to 44.3% showing how valuable Nolan Arenado is to this team. Who got the better of this deal? Only time will tell but the Cardinals are sure looking good to me!


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