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Cardinals Prospects – #30

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Cardinals Prospects – #30 Alvaro Seijas

Alvaro Seijas was born on October 10 , 1998 and is the Cardinals 30th Top Prospect. He was signed on July 2., 2015 in the International Draft by the Cardinals for $762,500. He is a right handed pitcher and was first assigned to the Dominican Summer League.

His minor league stats show he is 22-19 with a 3.81 ERA after pitching in almost every level of the minor league, He has fanned 316 batter and walked 154 in 75 minor league game with 71 of them as a starter.

Since signing , he has grown from 5’8″ to 6’1″ He has a plus fastball in the 94-97mph range along with a above average curveball that is at time inconsistent. He does use his changeup which can be and many times is effective.

In 2019, the brass decided to add this Cardinals Prospect to the 40-man major league roster but several months later they took off in August 2020, just before the Rule V draft.

He is a pitcher that commands control of his pitches. While not solidly ready for the major leagues, as he ill need to become more durable and become stronger in his still small frame.

This Cardinals Prospect is expected to be major league ready in 2022.

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