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Carlos Correa to the Minnesota Twins Makes Sense for the Short Term

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Shortstop Carlos Correa finally signed a deal, and it was with a team nobody was expecting. Read to find out why Correa and the Twins can both benefit from this deal.

Carlos Correa to the Minnesota Twins Makes Sense for the Short Term

After months of speculation, All-Star and Gold Glove Shortstop Carlos Correa finally made a decision of where he would be playing in 2022 after 7 seasons with the Houston Astros. Correa signed a three-year/ $105.3 million deal with the Minnesota Twins late on Friday night.

Minnesota was far from the top of leading contenders to land the flashy, controversial Shortstop, so this was a deal that sent shockwaves throughout Major League Baseball when it was announced. This move may seem like a head-scratcher, but the circumstances attached to Correa, his contract and the Twins as a franchise actually makes this a beneficial deal for both parties.

Correa in the Twin Cities 

The Twins are a team who have been through the ringer for the last couple of decades now. They haven’t won a single playoff game since 2004 which has resulted in them owning the longest playoff losing streak in North American sports at 18 consecutive losses.

They finished in last place in the American League Central last season, finishing with a 73-89 record. While things were a dumpster fire for the Minnesota Twins in 2021, one area they actually performed well in was the offense.

The Twins were 5th best in home runs, top 10 in slugging percentage and total bases and middle of the pack in batting average, hits and runs scored. They’ve traded some of their key 2021 pieces away this offseason, but there’s still a lot of talent that remains on that Minnesota offense.

They’ll be going with a new look in 2022 as they’ve made deals to acquire catcher Gary Sanchez, infielder Gio Urshela, starting pitcher Sonny Gray, relief pitcher Joe Smith and most notably of course, Carlos Correa.

Correa’s deal for three years gives him an opt-out after both years one and two. This will allow him to essentially pad his stats on a talented Twins offense while simultaneously letting the Twins draw some extra attendance this season.

The overwhelming idea around MLB is that Correa’s future with the Twins will be of a short-term variety. Correa won’t turn 28 until September, so he has plenty of his best baseball still ahead of him.

Correa’s signing with the Twins is also likely an attempt to restore his image as a player after being one of the main culprits involved in the Houston Astros’ sign stealing scandal. His move to Minnesota will allow him to put the controversy surrounding his former team behind him and just play ball.

Despite the controversy, Correa is undeniably a very talented ballplayer, and he’ll now have a chance to show the baseball world that he can excel on any club.


2022 Twins 

This is a very wise move by the Twins’ front office as it will allow Minnesota to maintain their offensive prowess but get something of a fresh start in 2022. Correa and the other new faces the Twins are bringing in have the potential to instill a new confidence in this club and its fans.

These new faces will also be joining the likes of some already talented rostered players such as Miguel Sano, Jorge Polanco , Byron Buxton and Taylor Rogers.

The Twins play in the relatively less competitive division that is the American League Central, so while hopes are far from high, if they can manage against the rest of their division, there exists a glimmer of hope for them in 2022. 

All of the Twins’ significant offseason additions have played in the postseason before and they now have a former World Series champ in Correa.

If nothing else, Minnesota has the opportunity to surprise some people and maybe even put their playoff losing streak to rest while Correa is under contract. 


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