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Chicago Cubs Baseball is Back

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The Chicago Cubs take the field for real baseball again on Thursday. Here is a quick preview of the team and what might be in store in 2022.

The 2022 version of the Chicago Cubs will take the field on Thursday afternoon for the very first time. Opening Day festivities will take place prior to the first pitch, but then the real fun is set to begin.

The Milwaukee Brewers come to town for the first series of the year, and you can expect weather that is more suited for a Bears-Packers game. Snow is in the forecast this weekend and it is going to make for a rough atmosphere for the hitter’s.

Tickets are still available to the home opener, and that will likely be the case until the weather really starts to turn. Kyle Hendricks will once again be making the Opening Day start for the Cubs and he will be throwing to Willson Contreras.

There are some mixed emotions about this Chicago Cubs team, but it’s still great to have baseball back on the Northside of Chicago. The last two MLB seasons have been played under restrictions or unique circumstances, but that won’t be the case this time around.

Plenty of New Faces

When the Chicago Cubs do take the field on Thursday, you are going to see plenty of new faces in the lineup, especially if you didn’t follow the team last September. The old core is obviously long gone, but you will still recognize a few names.

Ian Happ, Jayson Heyward, Frank Schwindel, and Patrick Wisdom could all be in the lineup on Opening Day, and they have seen plenty of action at Wrigley Field. This season is really about looking ahead to the future though, and there are going to be some new faces making their debut.

Seiya Suzuki was the prize free agent acquisition by the Cubs and the former Japanese star should be running out to right field on Opening Day. Clint Frazier, former top prospect with the Yankees, is expected to see plenty of action in the outfield as well.

Marcus Stroman is going to be starting the third game of the season for the Cubs, and there is plenty of pressure on him to deliver. You are going to want to get used to some of these names as they will be around for a while.

Final Predictions

If you enter the 2022 season with hopes that the Cubs will end up making a run to the playoffs then you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. There IS a CHANCE that the Cubs can be a playoff contender in 2022, but there are a number of things that would have to go right.

This season should have the feel of 2014 as the Chicago Cubs will start to roll out some of their young players at the Major League level. There is enough talent for this team to stay in the playoff race throughout the year, but they could also end up selling at the Trade Deadline.

2022 will be a more enjoyable year than 2021, but it’s ultimately going to end without a playoff berth.

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