The Chicago Cubs are well on their way to having one of the worst records in Major League Baseball, but that doesn’t mean that this team doesn’t have talent. It’s a shame that the Cubs don’t have any idea of how talented this team can be, and they are set to trade away a ton of talent over the next month.

Willson Contreras is set to start the All Star game for the National League at the catcher position, and he is no stranger to the Midsummer Classic. Contreras is going to be joined in Los Angeles by Ian Happ, and both players are more than deserving to be nominated for this event.

There are plenty of teams in MLB that would love to have a couple of All Star performers, and the Cubs have a pair of them. “Hug Watch” has started for teams throughout the league and it is going to be hard to see Contreras and Happ giving hugs and saying goodbye to teammates.

The Cubs looked like they were starting to be competitive in 2022, but that all changed this past weekend. Chicago got swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers and that could signal the beginning of the end for this team.

Most teams at the bottom of the MLB standings don’t usually have multiple All Star players, but there is just so much talent on this roster.

Contreras Needs to Stay

It is widely assumed that the Chicago Cubs are set to trade Willson Contreras before the Trade Deadline in August, but this could be a massive mistake. Contreras easily won the fan vote to start in the All Star Game at the catcher position, and that was a selection that was well deserved.

It’s almost absurd to think about the Cubs trading away Contreras at the Trade Deadline, but that is exactly what is supposed to happen. Contreras has gotten too good for this current Cubs team and he is going to be a huge contributor to some team in the AL or NL.

There are so many teams throughout baseball that would love to have an All Star catcher on their roster, and Contreras is going to be a hot commodity.

Happ Has Turned Things Around for the Chicago Cubs

One year ago today was the lowest that outfielder Ian Happ has ever been at the Major League level. Happ was getting removed from the starting lineup a year ago today as he seemingly couldn’t figure things out at the plate.

Ian Happ was voted in as an All Star reserve this year, and what makes this even more special is the fact that the players chose him. People throughout baseball have recognized how great he has been at the plate this year and he is being rewarded.

Happ deserves to be in the All Star Game and he also deserves to be with the Chicago Cubs for a very long time.

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