We’re slowly approaching Opening Day on March 30 and the beginning of the new season. Surely, most Cubs fans are excited to see how the 2023 season is going to turn out. The last season was filled with ups and down, and there was still something left to be desired. When that is said, the Cubs did very well in the second half of the season, and much has improved since then. All positions now hold a dynamic fielder, and things might very well be looking brighter this season.

It could be the perfect season for betting since everything is up in the air. If you’re looking to bet on the Cubs this season, you should start preparing now. You can start by checking out tips for NFL online betting at betting.com. Get yourself ready for the 2023 season before it begins. We’re doing the same with these three rather bold Cubs predictions for the new season.

1. Extension to Cubs ink Ian Happ

Several outfield prospects that might very well deliver this season. But one of them that is already delivering is Ian Happ. He has played a crucial role in the Cubs’ success. He received an All-Star nod and a Gold Glove last year. He is now in his prime, which is why we believe that he will get an extension. If Happ produces as he did in the previous season, he is going to continue to be one of the team’s greatest assets. Hoyer is very aware of this, and will most likely spend the money on extending Happ.

2. ROY goes to Hayden Wesneski

Wesneski began his big-league career last year and made quite an impression last season. He almost qualified for ROY in his rookie season. Right now, everything looks like there’s going to be much more of that this season. The expectations of the player are high, and we believe that he might very well win the ROY this season. If he does well at Spring Training, he will see himself in the everyday starting role – and from there he might very well be one of the players making all the difference for the Cubs this season.

3. Nico Hoerner wins the gold glove at second base

Since 2015, there have been six gold glove winners at second base. Hoerner has truly proved himself at second base with his impression and solid defense. The second base hasn’t got an everlasting winner like the third base has got Nolan Arenado. This means there might be very good chances at Nico Hoerner taking this one this season.

4. Seiya Suzuki hits 25+ home runs

Suzuki is a player to be watching. It looks like he’s going to be playing about 150 games and therefore have at least 600 plate appearances. This is why we believe that he could very well reach at least 25 home runs this season. When Suzuki first started in the MLB, he had 445 plate appearances, which brought him to 14 home runs. So, the chances look good for the 25+.

These are just a few of the predictions for the season. So much is going to happen, so if you’re looking to bet on the 2023 season, you should check out more predictions for the 2023 season. It will give you some time to consider where you stand on these more or less bold predictions.