It’s time for another weekly wrap-up of the Chicago Cubs season, and this is not going to be a good update. This has been the worst week of the 2021 MLB season for the Chicago Cubs, and it signals another failed season for the North Siders.

The Cubs were in first place just two weeks ago, but the Cubs are not struggling to stay ahead of the fourth-place St. Louis Cardinals. It’s hard to imagine a week being so rough for the Cubs, but this team appears broken in so many different ways.

The Cubs went an abysmal 0-6 this week against the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds, and the season is virtually over at this point. Chicago went from first place in the NL Central Division just two weeks ago to out of the playoff race.

Injuries have continued to plague the team, but some of the injured players have started to return to the lineup. It hasn’t helped this week as the Cubs just continue to struggle to find any offense.

Cubs Offense is Broken Again

This has been a constant trend over the past month, but the Cubs’ offense appears to be broken once again. The Cubs were a great offensive team in May, but this team has not been able to produce much offense outside of that month.

Kris Bryant has continued to produce solid numbers for the Cubs, but he is about the only one of the Cubs stars that is hitting well. Chicago can’t seem to score more than two runs in a game, and that has been the biggest lack problem for the Cubs over the last few weeks.

The Cubs have gone from taking a ton of walks to swinging freely, and this team is just not producing at the plate. David Ross continues to mess with the starting lineup, but it has not helped the Cubs become more productive.

This has been the worst week of the 2021 MLB season for the Chicago Cubs, and it signals another failed season for the North Siders.

Bryant, Kimbrel Are All-Stars

The Cubs will have a pair of All-Stars this year, but both players might not be with the team past the month of July. Kris Bryant and Craig Kimbrel have both been named All-Stars in the National League, and both players are deserving of that honor.

This is the fourth time that Bryant has been named an All-Star in the National League, and he remains the best offensive player on this Cubs lineup. Kimbrel has completely shut down opponents this season and will make his return to the All-Star Game this season.

Time For the Fire Sale

At this point in time, it is time for Jed Hoyer to begin the fire sale. The Cubs are going to be trading away some of the most popular players in franchise history, but it is officially time to do so.

The core of Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant have been fun to watch over the last few years, but this group just hasn’t been able to produce. This group helped deliver the 2016 World Series Championship, but it hasn’t done much since.

Jed Hoey is in a tough situation, but he needs to pull the trigger on some deals in the coming weeks. This group is simply not good enough to compete for a World Series title anymore, and it is time to reload with some new players.

Chicago will be looking to stockpile some talent in the Minor Leagues, and some of these players should get some major talent in return. These trades are going to be painful on the surface, but these are deals that simply have to be made.