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Contract review- Jim Edmonds

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Jim Edmonds of
2 years/$19M (2007-08)

  • signed extension 11/06
  • 07:$11M, 08:$8M
  • $3M of 2007 salary deferred without interest, 2010-2019
  • no-trade protection
  • award bonuses: $0.2M for MVP ($0.1M for 2nd, $50,000 for 3rd-5th), $0.15M for WS MVP, $0.1M for LCS MVP, $50,000 each for Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, All Star ($25,000 for selection)
  • 6 years/$57M (2001-06), plus $10M 2007 club option
    • $2M signing bonus
    • 01:$6M, 02:$7M, 03:$8M, 04:$9M, 05:$10M, 06:$12M,
      07:$10M club option ($3M buyout)
    • approximately $1M/year deferred at 0% interest
    • limited no-trade clause (23-team no-trade list each year)
    • $25,000 All Star incentive
    • Silver Slugger, MVP vote incentives
    • signed extension 5/2000
  • 4 years/about $9.5M (1996-99), plus $4.5M 2000 club option
    • $0.1M signing bonus
    • 96:$0.6M, 97:$2M, 98:$3.15M, 99:$3.525M, 00:$4.5M club option (Angels exercised option 10/99)
  • 1 year/$167,500 (1995)
  • 1 year/$117,500 (1994)
  • drafted 1988 (7-169)
  • agent: Paul Cohen
  • ML service: 13.027

Albatross? Why in the world did the Cardianls pay all that money to JimEd before this season? Yes, they wanted him for two years as a stop gap waiting for Rasmus, but that is way too much money for his aging body. When right, he can go get the ball but he was not what we are used to. In other words, we are OVERVALUING him…paying too much.

We have one more year then can shed this high priced veteran. He was good for us for many years…. but not this year.

Look at that salary? $11 mil for this year and $8 mil for next year. We can get a very decent starter with that and play a youngster to produce what Edmonds put up this year. Then he has a ZERO interest deferred payment…Hmmm

Oh yeah, I hate NO TRADE clauses!


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