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Cubs Slumping Through Tough Stretch

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After an inspiring start to the 2023 MLB season, things are no longer going well for the Chicago Cubs. May was always going to be a tough month based on the schedule, and some poor play by the Cubs has made things even more difficult. 

The Cubs have now dropped four straight games after losing the first two games in Houston, and they have looked overmatched in the last four outings. Things aren’t going to get any easier either as the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, and Tampa Bay Rays all await in May. 

With the four straight losses, the Cubs have now dropped to four games under the .500 mark, and they are dropping in the NL Central Division standings. There was a great vibe and feeling surrounding this team in the first month of the season, but that also seems to be gone now. 

Not only has the team been struggling of late, but manager David Ross has made some interesting decisions as well. Fans love to complain about some of the recent lineups that have been put out there, and those are some fair complaints. 

Hosmer, Madrigal Must Go

Two of the players that worn out their welcome in Chicago are Eric Hosmer and Nick Madrigal. The two veterans still deserve a ton of respect for what they have done in their careers, but they should also find themselves out of job with the Chicago Cubs. 

In some ways this is more of an issue with the front office as they continue to have these players on the 26-man active roster. Matt Mervis needs to be getting most of the starts at first base, and Christopher Morel deserves to take all of the playing time that has been given to Madrigal. 

Morel has been nothing short of sensational for the Cubs since coming back up as he has already belted four home runs. The young player still strikes out too much, but his power is needed at a time when the team is struggling to score runs. 

Striking out has been a big issue for this team during the drought, and that is something that will have to change some time soon. It’s starting to look like this team is flawed in many areas, but it’s also not too late to turn things back around. 

Injuries are Mounting

Another problem facing the Cubs is that they are starting to see the injuries pile up, and some of the injuries are to key players. This all seemed to start with a concussion to Yan Gomes, and the pitching staff took a hit during that time. 

Nico Hoerner has also missed the last several games with a hamstring injury, and that has impacted the lineup. Hoerner was having a great start to the season, and the hope is that the Cubs start to win when he is able to make his return. 

Cody Bellinger and Patrick Wisdom were both injured in the series opener against the Astros, but they are not expected to miss a ton of time. A ton of things have gone wrong of late for the Cubs, and it’s necessary to get things fixed in a hurry.

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