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Don’t Jump Off the Bridge Yet!

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Some random notes now that the pigskin is put away and the gloves and bats are in the bag.

Let’s not get in a tither and let the Pujols contract negotiations drive us to hysteria. It is not time to jump off the bridge. Remember, there is still a negotiations time period until 5 days after the completion of the World Series. If Albert doesn’t sign before Spring Training then the media has an entire summer at each stop along the way to fill sports columns with how he would look in THEIR uniform.

I asked on twitter to Strauss how so many people had information on the status of the negotiations since this was announced as a closed affair and nothing would be made public. Of course, no surprise, that he didn’t answer my question. I don’t know about him but some writers, I am convinced, just make stuff up to have a column….. and they site privileged information as their source.

As I prepare for my Spring Training trip. I am considering taking in games at Viera and Orlando Florida for a bit of a side session. Pitchers and catchers are getting it cranked up in about a week and that will bring a baseball sports flurry to the news cycle.


The great moment last night when the camera caught Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn was so funny. It is like AROD to expect to be fed. I would have been hilarious if they had been Doritos after watching a few of the sucking the fingers commercials just before that moment. Joe Buck knows how to get under the skin of Yankees fans:

“I’m sure Alex is thrilled we just put the camera on him at that moment.”

In his blog today, RumBunter has a quote from Pirates manager Clint Hurdle that is a head scratcher.

this quote about Pittsburgh Pirates OF Jose Tabata putting on some muscle this off-season is pure magic.  Hurdle said that he hoped Tabata would bulk up, but not to the point of losing flexibility or speed.  Then he dropped it…

“It’s like a tube of toothpaste. If you want a big blast of power right now, you squeeze hard from the middle. We’re going to squeeze from the bottom, though, to make sure we get everything we can out of him.”

Today we find Cubs Billy Goat Blog lamenting his beloved Cubs have had an uninspiring off-season:

With pitchers and catchers schedule to report for Spring Training on February 14, the Hot Stove season is nearly over.  And while Cub fans may have been hoping for a big move to instantly put the Cubs into contention, the reality is that bloated contracts and budget constraints led to an uninspiring offseason (and little for me to write about).


Beginning today the United Cardinal Bloggers start their February Roundtable. This is where the participating bloggers each have a day assigned to them and they ask the group a question. Each member responds to it and then the questioner puts the answers on his/her website blog the next day. It becomes fun and actually, you learn many things. Plus, the answers are thought-provoking and allow you to think in a different vein every once in a while. Be sure to check it out ALL month long at the following bloggers. Here is this weeks schedule.

Monday, February 7 CardinalsGM

Tuesday, February 8 i70 Baseball

Wednesday, February 9 RetroSimba

Thursday, February 10 Aaron Miles’ Fastball

Friday, February 11 Stan Musial’s Stance

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