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Faces of the Future Part 4 – Top Prospects in the Lower Minors

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It’s Wednesday! That means it is another CardinalsGM blog post. Enjoy!


This is the 4th and final part of the Faces of the Future series. We have already looked at the young pitchers in part one, the young infielders in part two, and the young outfielder in part three.

In this part, we gather information on players that are at a young age and are in the low levels of the minor league system. 


The Faces of the Future in the Low Minors


Steven Gingery– He was signed out of Texas Tech even though he had Tommy John surgery. The front office made the decision to take a chance on the lefty pitcher. He hasn’t played yet for the organization but has signs he could be a weapon in the pen in the future may be in 2022. 


John Oviedo- He pitched in Peoria (Low-A) last season and was 10-10 with a 4.22 ERA in 121.1 innings of work. The lefty walked 79 and fanned 118 batters and hitters batted .238 off him. 

The Cardinals signed him in July 2016 out of Cuba along with several other players. He is 6’6′ and 210 lbs and can be an imposing frame on the hill. He just needs to work and continuing the same delivery pitch after pitch. He can top his fastball at 96-97 mph but averages around 94 mph in his games. His potential is there he just needs to work his way up the organizational ranks. He could be a starter as early as 2021. 


Griffin Roberts– He is the 10th best prospect on the Cardinals list and has an excellent slider from his days at Wake Forest. The Cardinals signed him in 2018 and hope to see a quick rise to the major leagues. It is not known him if he can hang on as a starter but the chance to see him early comes as a reliever.

He pitched in eight games and started two and saw batters only manage to hit .100 off him. It may be a bit early but 2020 isn’t out of the question for his arrival. 


Alvarez Seijas– He was an international signee in July 2015 and began his minor league career as a starter. He can sling a fastball at 93 mph with ease and have an above average curve ut still needs to develop his changeup.

Since he was signed, he has grown from 5’8″ to just over 6’1″ and that excites the organization. He just turned 20 yrs- old and played last year in Peoria where he was 5-8 with a 4.52 ERA in 25 games. Batters did hit .301 against him and he must improve on that going up the ladder. He is a 2022 projection for the major leagues.


I hope you enjoyed the series and continue to come back every Wednesday for a new blog at CardinalsGM.




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