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Forward Thinking- Harrison Bader

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Forward Thinking

In our quest to prepare for the 2016 season, we have chosen to make most of the off-season glancing at the prospects and what they accomplished and where they may be headed next season. Our first in Forward Thinking will be Harrsion Bader.

Selected in the Draft

Bader was selected 100th overall in the draft last year in the 3rd round by the Cardinals.  Here is an Interview that was done shortly after he was selected out of Florida Gators program. Bader hit 17 homers as a Florida junior after totaling just three in his first two college seasons, and that power is real. He has a mature approach that allows him to consistently barrel balls, and the bat speed and strength to drive them. His solid speed is an asset on the bases in the outfield.

Can Play all Outfield Spots

Though he played left field for the Gators in deference to potential 2016 first-rounder Buddy Reed, Bader has the quickness and instincts to play center field. He saw action at all three outfield positions in his pro debut and has enough arm strength for any of them.

Minor League Numbers

During the minor league season he played 7 games at State College  where he hit 2 home runs and was batting .379. This prompted the Cardinals organization to move him into the Low-A Peoria Chiefs roster. I personally got to see him play many times.

In his 61 total games he batted .311 with 11 home runs, 2 triples and 13 doubles with 235 at bats to his credit. He drove in 32 runners while fanning 49 times and accepting 17 walks. He was caught stealing six times and pilfered 17 bases.

Look for him to be assigned in High-A Palm Beach and possibly end in AA-Springfield.


That is an installment of Forward Thinking.


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