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George Whiteman – Babe Ruth’s Replacement

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George Whiteman Background

George “Lucky” Whiteman was born on December 23. 1184 in Peoria, Illinois. His father moved from New York to Illinois mother was a German immigrant. George didn’t begin his baseball career until he  was 23 years old. Prior to this he toured the country as a diving acrobat. Until one day his partner dove into a shallow pool and died. George quit diving from that point on. At 5’7″ 160  lbs. he threw and batter fight-handed. He was an outfielder that began his career spending several seasons in the minor leagues in Waco, Texas. He made his major league debut on September 13, 1907 for the Boston Americans. He didn’t play again in the major leagues  until 1913 for the New York Yankees. He became an almost regular player for the  Boston Red Sox in the 1918 series, On days Babe Ruth pitched, he took his position in the outfield.

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In the World Series of 1918, he went 5-for-20 but had several key hits and made a few run saving catches. His most famous catchwas in the eighth inning of the final game that led to a 2-1 Boston win at Fenway Park. Even though it wasn’t an official award yet, it is said many felt Whiteman  was the MVP leading Boston over the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. BOXSCORES

George Whiteman never played another major league game after that. In a three-season career (1907, 1913,1918) Whiteman posted a .271 batting average with one home run and 31 runs batted in in 85 games played. He died February 10, 1947 at Houston, TX


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