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Grading Jasson Dominguez

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Jasson Dominguez is the most talked-about international prospect to play minor league baseball in the last decade. He is being compared to Bo Jackson.

Jasson Dominguez is the most talked-about international prospect to play minor league baseball in the last decade.

Dominguez has earned comparisons to the likes of Bo Jackson and Mickey Mantle, but he’s still just in the New York Yankees farm system at one of the lowest levels, single A, but he isn’t just like any other prospect.

Dominguez signed his contract with the Yankees in July 2019 for 5.1 million dollars — a record for the Yankees front office — to lock up him for the foreseeable future. Dominguez, a native of the Dominican Republic, is thought by some to be a potential starter in the Yankees outfield for more than a decade once he gets to MLB, which is expected to come in 2024 when he is 21 years old.

Scouting report

Dominguez came to the Yankees when he was 17 years old and was so developed that many in the Yankees developmental offices said that he was going to be talented enough to hit at the low Class A level at just 17 years old in 2020.

That ended up not being possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic that canceled minor league baseball in 2020 and has proved to throw a wrench in the 2021 minor league season. Still, Dominguez has been given an opportunity for two different teams this season in the Yankees farm system, including Rookie Ball and Class A Tampa.

According to Dominguez, player profile on, he is graded as an overall 55 in his report on a scale of 80, with his power, arm, and speed both being ranked at least 60.

These numbers may not make sense. Simply put, most players don’t rank in the 60s in any of their different skills. Dominguez ranks at least 60 in three of the five “major tools” that are often described in baseball. The five tools being the ability to hit for contact, hit for power, speed, arm strength, and ability in the outfield.

Despite playing just 40 games in the Minor Leagues in his career, Dominguez is ranked as the Yankees’ top prospect and is ranked as the 24th overall prospect, according to MLB.

Jasson Dominguez is the most talked-about international prospect to play minor league baseball in the last decade.

How he’s performing

This season across two levels, Dominguez is slashing .300/.417/.480 with one home run and five RBI in just 40 at-bats over 12 games in Rookie Ball and Single A Tampa Bay.

In his Low-A debut with Tampa Bay, Dominguez has a pair of RBI and two hits, which was a really good preview of what would come in his next several at-bats with Tampa Bay.

Dominguez has just 20 at-bats with the Yankees Low-A affiliate, but he has a ridiculous OPS of 1.129 in those at-bats with one run, one triple, and one double, respectively. Dominguez also has four RBI for Tampa since being promoted.

Dominguez has struck out nine times in his 40 at-bats this season and has seven walks, so he has shown a good strikeout to walk ratio. Striking out 22.5 percent of the time is something that could be improved upon, but he walks about the same amount that he strikes out, so it’s nothing that the Yankees are too concerned about.

It’s probably a little premature to assume that Dominguez will be able to reach Double A this season, but it wouldn’t be the biggest shock in the world. Dominguez would like to continue hitting like he has been in Low-A to be promoted upwards through A ball.

When will we see him in the Big Leagues?

Dominguez is likely to make his debut in 2023 or 2024, which means that he will be 20-21 years old, which is still really young for a player to make it to the Majors. No minor league season last year really slowed down his potential arrival with the Yankees.


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