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Houston Astros 3 Big Things Needed to Win

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The Houston Astros will need three big things to happen for them to win the World Series this season. Read this article to see what Mitch believes these reasons to be and why.

On Tuesday, October 26th the Houston Astros welcome the Atlanta Braves to town to begin the 2021 World Series. The Astros got to the World Series by winning the ALDS against the Chicago White Sox and won the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox.

Houston has been able to outpitch and outhit their opponents during the postseason. If they can keep their composure during this intense series and allow their bats to get hot, the Houston Astros may very well be this year’s World Series Champions.

1. Houston Astros Bats Must Stay Hot

The Houston Astros won their past two series by a hefty dose of runs. These runs came in many forms such as sacrifice flys, RBI hits, and home runs. They also came from many players in their depth chart.

Outfielder, Kyle Tucker currently has four home runs and 15 RBIs so far in the 2021 postseason. Yordan Alvarez was able to contribute one home run and six RBIs in the ALCS against Boston. These are just two of the bats that heated up for the Astros so far in the postseason. 

If these two guys can stay consistent and Houston’s other stars such as Jose Altuve, Michael Brantley, and Carlos Correa are able to contribute in each game, this lineup could make games very difficult for the Braves pitching staff.

2. They Need Pitching from Entire Staff

This team has pitching stars and pitching depth. Framber Valdez is the conductor of this pitching staff. If he can find success early in this series, the entire staff should follow suit. Valdez was the inning eater in the ALCS and posted a 2.53 ERA to help Houston win the series. 

Anytime the Astros have won a game this postseason, they have surrendered four or fewer runs. In games they lose, they gave up nine or more runs in the three losses this postseason. Their pitching is clearly their Achilles heel for their team. 

With veteran pitchers such as Zack Grienke on their staff, the Astros should be able to control things on the mound. It shows when this team has success, their pitching staff is a major factor in the outcome.

3. Block Out The Noise

Many fans of the MLB know all too well about the Houston Astros and their sign-stealing scandal. There are opposing fans that have and will continue to make signs, say statements, and make it a point that this team never forgets that. While some members of the 2021 Astros were involved in the actions of those teams of the past, we must remember, the past is the past. 

This is the World Series. The most intense seven-game series in MLB. Each pitch is intense, each hit is even more important, and keeping your cool as a player is a top priority.

If the Astros allow fans to dictate their emotions, this team could unfold on the field. If they block out the noise and play their game as they have so far this postseason, they could find themselves sipping champagne and hoisting some hardware.

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